From the depths of your dispensary…innovation

What if I told you there’s a tool hiding in your dispensary with the cababilites to deliver accuracy to the single ml, to provide completely mess free mixing, and that will create a buzz around the services you’re performing. What if this tool also displayed not only innovation but your abilities as an artist to provide uniquely personalized formulas for each client. What if I told you this is one of the most under used tools I see laying around a color room? If you are a Goldwell salon the probability you have such a tool is strong…..check under your cabinets and behind boxes your looking for the Colormat !

If I had to guess you recieved it with an intro ,perhaps watched it demonstrated in a class and later because it was out of your comfort zone set it down somewhere and went back to the standard bowl and brush. So Why use the colormat ? Lets talk about the top 3 reasons

  1. Precise Formulation- Utilizing the Goldwell depot system allows measurements to be ultra precise(this is shared with all depot system tools), If you need to add just a single ml to adjust your clients formula you can do it with confidence. The colormat not only allows for precision but also for mess free mixing, the color is mixed and dispensed in the tool without ever touching your hands.
  2. Speed- During a double booked day in the salon every second counts and every second means revenue, with the colormat your formula is dispensed directly from the tool and through the brush tip. This eliminates the need for constant brush to bowl mixing and application, speeding up the whole process. (allowing you to book that extra client or eat lunch…)
  3. Buzz- Lets think back to a time in the salon when you or a coworker had a new tool, technique or service you were performing. Do you remember how clients not only watched but asked questions? How it peaked their curiosity and created a buzz within the salon. With the technology boom it is not only important that we constantly stay aware of trends but we bring a transparency to our knowledge and style within the salon. By using the colormat you can engage your client by simply showing them the formula in the cylinder prior to mixing. It will display a point of difference that they importantly can’t get anywhere else or at home. Mess free mixing can be done right at your station as the client observes. This brings an extra level of confidence to the client as they know you are fully customizing a formula and not just slapping color on their head. Guests love an experience and to know that the stylist is bringing them the best technology.

With the top three reasons there should be no excuse not to try the colormat right? Well if you tried and didn’t have a successful experience in the past I encourage you to chose at least one client a day for a week to use the tool on. Think of a client who appreciates technology, is a trendsetter, or someone who utilizes social media, and give them a unique color experience. I’m going to provide links for youtube on using and cleaning the colormat. I look forward to hearing any feedback !

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