So, What Generation Immigrant Are You?

You may already be aware of this, but just in case you and other readers didn’t know already, I strongly believe that you were asked completely illegal questions during this job interview. Anti-discrimination laws at the state and federal levels prescribe a very specific set of rules for interview questions. Among the questions that an interviewer cannot legally ask are questions relating to country of origin, unless it somehow has an impact on your ability to conduct your job. From what I understand from your article, where you were from and how often you’d visited, etc… would have had no reasonable bearing on your ability to perform your duties in the role in question.

Even if you were to cut your interviewer some major slack and say, “Well, some on that list are a little less obvious than others,” this isn’t one of them. Things such as questions relating to the interviewee’s children are sort of non-obvious, but nationality is a well-known one that any decent recruiter or hiring manager knows about well in advance of conducting the interview.