As a result, the media releasing the names of the killers may be contributing to the rise of mass shootings. The F.B.I. classifies this correlation between the media exposure of the killers and the number of mass shootings as the “Columbine effect”. Shooters are wanting to outdo the body count of the worst high school massacre at Columbine High School.
The Name Game
Abigail Heringer

Interesting conclusion, I think this is one of the many motivators for such a terrible act. I wonder if this is just one small aspect of the true intentions of those that commit these acts. In one of my sociology courses, we learned about how some of the mass shootings were correlated with shooters who were bullied and stripped of their feelings of self confidence and masculinity (a topic covered over a month during the course where we researched a series of studies done on the backgrounds of the shooters themselves). In a number of cases, some of the strongest supporting evidence suggesting why the subjects committed these acts tied back to bullying events that happened in the past. It is hard to say for certain precisely what motivates the individuals to take part in such atrocities — for readers, it is important to consider that shooter motives are very difficult to pin down.

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