An Open Letter to HackerYou’s Future Marketer

HackerYou is my favourite company and community in the whole world, and we’re looking for someone to lead our marketing efforts. Could it be you?

To HackerYou’s Future Marketer,

Hi, my name is Heather. I’m the CEO of HackerYou, my favourite company and community in the entire world. I’m writing to you today because I’m looking for someone to take over leadership of the marketing function at HackerYou. I believe it is one of the most exciting and interesting marketing opportunities in Toronto, or even in Canada, and I don’t think a job description can do it justice. So, instead, I’m writing this letter in hopes of sharing just why this role at HackerYou is so interesting, with the goal of attracting the perfect person to join our small but mighty team and help us take HackerYou to new heights.

First, let’s talk about you. You’ve been in a marketing role for at least a few years, or as many as 10. Your title might be Manager, Director or even CMO, but you don’t care much for titles — you care about opportunities, challenges and results. You have experience marketing products — whether those are physical goods, a Saas product or even educational products. You can write, or you know how to hire a copywriter who will get the job done better than you can. You can clearly articulate the value you brought to your previous companies through both qualitative and quantitative means. As for why you’re moving on, you’re simply ready for your next challenge.

When you think about your next opportunity, you know some of the things you’re looking for. You love being part of a small team, because of the variety it brings to your job. You’re a strong strategizer, but you also have a “no job too big or too small” mentality and love getting your hands dirty and executing. You know how to walk into a marketing role and hit the ground running. You can tackle daily and weekly tasks, while also prioritizing major projects that will really move the needle for the business. You can run marketing meetings, create annual and quarterly plans and report on them afterwards. You love collaborating with others, especially your counterparts in sales, and you know that debate and discussion lead to better ideas. You have no ego, just a desire to do the best work possible with the resources available. You fight for what’s right, and you’re not afraid to respectfully disagree with your boss and teammates in hopes of finding the very best solution. You want to work for the kind of company that is open to and excited about new ideas, and willing to put time and resources into experiments and new initiatives.

You want to work for a company creating a product you believe in. And you want to work for a CEO you respect, and a team that is talented, dedicated and passionate. You want to really like your co-workers, and to learn from them every day.

You want to have every single marketing strategy and tactic available to you. And you want data, because you know you do your best work when you have data to use in your decision-making process. You want to be able to interact with your products’ customers directly. You want to be able to create personas, figure out Customer Lifetime Value, and create paths for your customers to continually get what they need from products you’re responsible for. You want to be able to influence the product and help make it better over time. And you want to be able to tie your efforts to revenues, so that you know without a doubt that your work is leading to the desired results.

When you do this amazing work, you want to be recognized for it. You want to work for a place that provides salaries commensurate with experience, and where there are raises and bonuses based on results. Being part of a company that values its most important resource — its people — is extremely important to you.

That’s the opportunity I’d like to offer you at HackerYou. We are celebrating our fifth birthday this week, and if what I’ve written sounds compelling to you, I need you to join me at HackerYou to help us get ready for the next five years of our story. We have done so much more than I’d ever dreamed was possible over the past five years, and we’re just getting started. We are disrupting education, we are changing people’s lives, and having fun while we do it — and I want you to join me on this journey.

If this sounds like a role and challenge that you’re up for, I would love for you to get in touch with me so we can chat. I really look forward to hearing from you.


Heather Payne
CEO, HackerYou