Here’s why I Don’t think Bots will go Bust

Last week, I read yet another claim predicting 2017 will be the year bots/chatbots/AI/ML bots/all bots(?) will go bust, (

Well suffice it to say, it inspired me to write a bit on my own, with half the credentials, and solely based on my own outlook, opinion, thoughts, and musings on this front.

Here’s why I don’t think bots will go bust.

In all seriousness, bots scare the crap out of me. Bots are set to completely disrupt society and the economy:

If we create awesome bots, people like them, they work, and get stuff done better and faster (even if they aren’t as relatable) what’s going to happen to all the perfectly good humans that they replace? What will they do now? Urban farming? Learn to code? Clean the ocean floors?

And, what about the economy? Bots don’t consume or spend money. Who will be spending money? Will we need basic incomes?

What about finding a new job? How will people go about finding one that actually matters? Is the current job finding system broken?

So, all that being said, brings me to my first reason I think bots won’t go bust. It’s antithesis, in a way, in that bots are going to help with the exact problem that they created: Finding a Job

Bots to the rescue! After talking about my concerns with an engineer at my company, he pointed me towards the Machine Learning (ML) side of the jobs search. Bots can actually help here, and they are going to make the jobs search a whole lot easier.

He pointed me towards this helpful 10-minute intro of data-science for the social good by Paul Duan (in French/with English subs):

He brought home the point: “It doesn’t solve the issue that bots (or other changes) will take human jobs, like steam or real bots did decades ago. All this technology disruption created more jobs than they took, but they created highly-educated jobs, so the real issue will continue to be a nation-wide education concern.”

In the near future, many people are going to be displaced, looking for a job, and in need of some serious education.

Which conveniently leads to my second notion on why bots won’t go bust: Education

I’m fairly confident that we can create a user-centric, incredible learning tool/experience, using a bot or algorithm. Case in point, the latest winner of the Azure Machine Learning Award:

Education is the key, and has always been the key (why am I thinking about young Spock on Vulcan), and bots will get us there faster, and with more style. With better learning tools, educational experiences, discipline and an “always online” attitude, people will need them and learn to appreciate them in the coming years.

So, now for my third and final point (for today) on why I think bots won’t go bust.

If you have read this far, thank you. I know today we skim, we scan, we all just don’t have much time. But, in fact, we do. Let’s be honest, we (or maybe just some regions of the world) have become super….califragilistically….impatient. Impatience!! Third reason.

To share with you an example, I have discovered that I can now chat, through various means (web chat, in-app chat, sms, messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Twitter) with my favorite companies now…Woohoo!

I personally love this, and it makes me happy and solving problems/completing tasks is way easier now with this new method of communication.

At this moment, I am wondering why the bank hasn’t sent me my tax forms for this year yet, and it would be super convenient to just chat them up right now.

Ok so, say I do, and then I end up waiting online for an answer….(still waiting!)

I mean chat is cool and all, but your precious time is passing and you are not getting your answer! Insert expletive @#!%$#*

Bots, again, to the rescue!

Folks, bots are going to get good. Hold tight, you will be able to just write your questions and get real answers, immediately…onboard a new application, just like that…order things with superhuman ease…create new cool stuff like online forms or surveys, all through a flow with a bot.

You will no longer have to wait for a human to respond. You will get a faster, better answer with a bot’s help.

OK, so that’s it for now. I’m sure there are more reasons (and also contradicting reasons!) on why bots will, or will not, go bust. I would be happy to hear your thoughts, so don’t be shy.

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