I’m hardly ever scared. And I know that makes me lucky.
Stacie Perrault Staub

Stacie, I attended these events as well and appreciate you sharing your experience. I applaud your bravery and understand your message to simply remind us not to look the other way, not to allow people who behave as you describe to hold powerful positions. It is my feeling that you elected to share your story on Medium without naming the industry or the individuals involved in part as a reflection upon the current political landscape, not out of malice or retaliation. Whatever the fallout is, fingers pointing your way should be connected to the minds and heart of people exclaiming “look, there’s the lady who was brave enough to raise this important topic.” There are many stories just like this that remain untold. By telling yours you have opened an important dialogue — this is how we provoke change for the better. Thank you.

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