During this time of sheltering at home, there’s much to reflect on.

April’s focus on Sexual Assault Awareness has us in gratitude to the women who have paved the way for us all.

And so we say, to the women of Hollywood — women like Alyssa Milano, Gabrielle Union, Ashley…

Photo by Royce Sihlis, Courtesy of Heather Kristian Strang

You’re living in the most powerful time in consciousness.

A time when everything is being uprooted, exposed and upleveled (have you noticed - it’s cray-sauce out there?!).

Now, with Valentine’s Day 2020 upon us, it’s time to take our romantic relationships to a Higher Love frequency too.

But have no…

Use these three tips to rock your 2020 and secure the perfect support for you.

I scribbled furiously in my journal, my head down with focus, my writing barely legible.
It was New Year’s Day 2003 and I was making my dreams come true, god damnit.

Sad side note: they…

Ritual it up for the close of 2019, and the 10 years carried within it.

The end is near!
You’ve heard all the warnings. You’ve seen all the signs.

And now it’s here.

We’re closing out the end of not only an intense AF year but also a ten year cycle of becoming that began in 2010.

We’ve been working — some of us more…

You Think You Know…But You Have No Idea

You know how you think you know … you think you know where your life is headed?
You think you know how this or that relationship will turn out?
You think you know how your “career” or “business” will expand or contract…

Heather Kristian Strang

Kristian Strang is an expert on, & Misa Hopkins is the host of, Women Emerging: Reclaiming Our Souls from Sexual Abuse: https://womenemergingsummit.org

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