So this is the end… of 2016

The last few months have been a whirlwind. I moved back to Chicago, started graduate school, and celebrated my 2nd wedding anniversary with Luke. It’s been a crazy couple of months…

There have definitely been times that I questioned, “What am I doing back in school? I should be out in the ‘real world’ making money again.” I often second guessed my decision to go back to school and thought about how much easier it would have been to get my M.B.A. sponsored by my previous company.

I’ve truly wrangled with all of these questions and deliberated with my husband about them as well. His answer was always the same, “Do what means you happy. If you want to leave and come back to California, I’m not going to look at you differently. You just pick yourself up and get back into the game doing something else. Nothing is a life sentence.” I’ve had to change my mindset about who I want to be professionally. I always land on the same question, I want to have meaningful impact on others’ lives. So I stay.

Then a few weeks ago, our country elected an unqualified person who ran a campaign based on racism, hatred, and delusions. The worst part is many people (tens of millions) fell for it and now we’re stuck with for four years. It’s crazy to me that many of us go through years of schooling and are taught all decisions must be based on data and evidence. None of his proposed policies are rooted in fact and, as we will find out, his promises are not able to be filled. In fact, his economic policies will hurt the very people who voted for him.

Despite all of this, the biggest problem I have with him is his hateful language towards minority groups who are the most at-risk in this country. After the 2008 election, my roommate during college updated her status to: “God Bless America, because Obama won’t!” I thought it was melodramatic then and looking back now I’m even more abhorred at this comment. 8 years and no scandals. Just a very decent family. Still yet, he was asked to show his birth certificate numerous times and took so much crap with grace and dignity. What was fueling these types of comments? Was it “other-ness”? The idea that someone other than a white upper-middle class male could be in the office of president? That remains to be seen, but I go forward in these next couple of years with a skeptical eye, noticing these types of comments more often — hoping we continue to point out hate speech instead of normalizing it.

As I go into a career that requires the utmost compassion for others, I realize that it’s not going to be easy and I will do everything I can for as many people I can, for as long as I can.
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