Aka the fragile male ego, tragedy of mostly getting your way, of rarely having to adapt to others…

Skullberg — no, that’s not what I meant. I meant the emotional expression of any thing. So, maybe then, yes, that’s what I mean. (Thinking aloud through your comment, it would be easier if we could converse though, since I’m still unclear.) I don’t think outing someone who doesn’t want to be outed is particularly emotionally mature (although FB does that stupidly all the time with their stupid real names policy).

My point, in writing this comment, is that men, in general are very bad at dealing with someone emotional — regardless of their gender. And that is because, some — though not all — men have been emotionally coddled through their life, not having to take responsibility for causing/invoking an emotional reaction in someone else. (I would guess especially alpha males, who tend to be in C level and leadership positions in SV and at companies.) Since these men don’t have much experience with this, they are not unlike Decker in Bladerunner, and act very poorly when faced with the situation. I’d be happy to download my emotional experiences into your limbic system and we can go from there. xoxo.

Xenobio — agree completely. We all cause emotional experiences for everyone else. The point of compassion and self-awareness is to be aware of this and try to do better next time.

J. Reed Schrichte — I agree that the lines are being redrawn, specifically gender lines are being redrawn. Both sides are guilty of causing negative emotions — to take advantage of the other. Neither is innocent, but more importantly, I don’t see both sides learning much.

Thanks for your comments and the conversation!

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