A little bit of fiction for your Wednesday

Seth plunked the leather jacket on the counter in front of the bored looking clerk.

“I’d like to return this.” He said.

“Sorry, we don’t do returns.” Her voice was as bored as her posture, and she spoke to her nails instead of to Seth.

“This jacket doesn’t fit right, I want my money back.” Actually, he was just finished using it as camouflage in his latest hunt for naïve young university students, but he wasn’t going to tell her that.

“I said we don’t do returns.” A bit of irritation now coloured the boredom.

“Really?” Seth put his left index finger to his mouth and bit down on his cuticle, his sharp teeth ripping it open. To his satisfaction, a couple of drops of blood seeped from the cuticle onto his nail. He mentally reached down and in, and touched the buzzy, electrified bit of himself that was his magic, felt it flow out into the world through his blood, and he concentrated on what he wanted.

“You’re going to give me my money back.” He said.

“Oh, of course sir, no problem.” She smiled widely and briskly pushed buttons on her cash register. She handed him the money, offered him a bandage for his injured finger, and wished him a nice day.

Seth returned a smile that was mostly baring of teeth, and left the store.

Ye gods, am I glad I’m not human.