Its called legalized age discrimination.
George N Romey

Perhaps…I’m not that old, though, in my early forties. My take on it was that they were setting the bar low because they either didn’t realize how underqualified such candidates would be for the job, or they weren’t confident that they would get the good, highly qualified candidates they truly need, so they lowered the qualifications they were asking for in order to spread the net wider, as it were.

In either case, tactic backfires, because good, highly qualified candidates (like me, and the other people I know) usually look at the posting and figure that the people hiring either don’t know what they are doing (my first reason for a low bar) or they won’t see, appreciate and value any good, qualified candidates that do apply (the second reason). So we tend not to apply, the post is filled by an underqualified candidate, and it perpetuates the cycle of jobs not done well, and an assumption that a more qualified person isn’t necessary.

And I’m still not sure what can be done about it.

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