Shower Song

Some mythical fiction for you Saturday

“Just loove me, loove me, liiiike you uused to doooo!” Showering was always the best time for belting out Cher tunes, though most of the time Arete had to content herself with just humming softly. Today, however, she was finally alone in the apartment, and she could really let loose.

But as she paused to take a breath, she heard a noise in the bathroom. She stuck her head out around the shower curtain, and gave a decidedly unmusical screech.

Bryce, her roommate’s boyfriend, was clawing off his clothes as he came towards the bathtub, his eyes intent on her, obviously intending to join her in the shower.

“Bryce! No! Stop! Put your clothes back on!” Arete shoved the taps to the off position and grabbed at her towel.

Despite her words, Bryce kept coming towards her, and kept working on discarding his clothes. He moaned something through the shirt going over his head that sounded like ‘I love you’, but Arete wasn’t sure, and wasn’t going to ask him to repeat himself. With one hand she held her towel in place around her, and with the other, she tried to fend him off as he continued to try to join her in the tub, and kiss her, too.

“Bryce! Arete! What the hell?”

Arete looked up to see Jen, her room mate, standing in the door and looking horrified. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! We have to get him away from me, tie him down, something! Just…do something!”

Jen snatched up Bryce’s discarded shirt and quickly wrapped it around one wrist, then caught and tied the other, knotting the shirt viciously behind his back. It helped that he didn’t really resist this process, as he was still trying to kiss Arete.

With a snarl, Jen put Bryce in a headlock and hauled him out to the kitchen. She sat him down on a kitchen chair, grabbed a rope from her rock climbing gear, and briskly tied him down well enough that he couldn’t move. Though he tried, craning his neck and throwing himself towards Arete as she trailed into the room.

She stood there, certain she looked as sheepish as she felt, as Jen looked at her accusingly, arms folded aggressively across her chest.

“What was that about?” She demanded.

“Um.” Arete looked at the ceiling, at the wall, out the window. Anywhere but at Jen’s accusing eyes. “…guess I forgot to mention…that I’m part Siren?”


“My mom. Her ancestors were…you know…the Sirens. Who would sing and lure sailors onto the rocks. That’s why I don’t sing. People react…in funny ways. Except today I did, because I thought I was alone. What are you guys doing here, anyway?”

“Our seminar was canceled. So wait, you accidentally enspelled my boyfriend by singing?”

“Um. Yes?”

“So does it wear off?”

“I don’t know!” Arete threw a hand in the air in helpless frustration. “In the old days, the men killed themselves getting to the Sirens and they ate them. The spell wearing off wasn’t an issue.”

Jen glared at Arete. “You do NOT get to eat my boyfriend.”

“Um. Ok. I wasn’t going to anyway…maybe I could make a call, ask my mom if she knows what to do about this…”

Jen waited impatiently while Arete called and talked for a few minutes. “My mom says that it does wear off. After several years. Or if I have sex with him. Is there a choice you prefer?”