The Way
Joshua Hehe

Thank you for this quick introduction. I’ve been studying Taoism for around fifteen years, now, and it continually amazes me with the profound wisdom buried deep in seemingly simple ideas.

In terms of “the path of least resistance” that you talk about, the metaphor that I like is that of a river — if you move with the current, you can travel a great distance quite quickly and without a great deal of effort. If you decide you want to travel upstream, you have to fight the current, or slog through the brush on foot, both of which will require lots of time, and both physical and emotional energy. Move with the currents of life, and you’ll get farther, faster.

Of course, following the currents doesn’t mean always conforming to society or not resisting bad things. Lao Tsu says that if leaders and society aren’t following the Way, it is the job of the person of Tao to stay true and lead by example.

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