Career Exploration for Students

The answers in this career exploration video are pure gold. At Cue Career we are striving to close the skills gap by linking students to professional associations and we are starting with career exploration.

In this video Dr. Alexandra Chamberlain of the Los Angeles Dental Society is being interviewed by LMU Sophomore Martin Cabatic.
Dr. Chamberlain is finishing Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC advanced orthodontics discusses the benefits of belonging to the LA Dental Society.

At timecode: 1:11 Martin asks Dr. Chamberlain what high school classes she found the most useful — -and the answer will surprise you. (hint: art)

This what Cue Career hopes to bring to Career Exploration and Career Readiness for students — real students asking real young professionals important questions about the first few years in their careers and what skills are needed to achieve success and gainful employment.

Cue Career’s beta is now finished and there will be a new UX and UI based on student feedback — — stay tuned. Until then — you can check out Cue Career’s Career Exploration videos on our YouTube channel.

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