As a Pharmacist who operates a pain management pharmacy, and myself a chronic pain suffer, I…
John Talamo

I appreciate your comment, Dr. Talamo, more than I can express.

It must be so very difficult for you.

I have a good pharmacist, like yourself, and I pray for him every day. I am one of the few “lucky ones”. I have a good doctor and pharmacist, after years of not good ones. However, the government is bound and determined to practice medicine for them. Despite the hoop jumping, signing all the forms, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s, my life is constant stress and anxiety, solely due to the ridiculousness of greedy politicians and profit driven psychiatrists.

These people know nothing of science, health, data, or medicine, they are only interested in furthering their own interests, at the expense of people’s very lives. The sickening way they use grieving families to further their greed and motivations reminds me of hyenas. It’s grotesque.

I hope that the public wakes up before it is indeed too late. I fear it already is.