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Leveraging the Executive Offices

How powerful interests influence administrative decision making at the highest levels

Investigating the Violation of our Nation, how our government is conducting a clinical trial of the entire population of its citizenry without its consent, I am taken aback at the things I find and the confirmation of prior observations.

Hidden in plain sight.

I suppose they never expected a raconteur to stumble across their evil intent.

There was a very large grant issued from Health and Human Services to the CDC in 2008. This grant appears to have enabled a number of contracted publications to be written, mostly authored by the Institute of Medicine (now known as the Center of Health and Medicine-renamed the day the CDC Guidelines on Opioid Prescribing were issued).

A few of these publications are innocuous.

One titled, The US Commitment to Global Health: Recommendations for the New Administration. Published in 2009.

To be fair, this publication was funded by other grants in addition to the HHS grant in question. Some were private. The bulk were not, they were drawn from taxpayer dollars.

Again, as before, we see the out of place disclaimer, and the strange imprimatur.

This study was supported by contract between the National Academy of Sciences and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Burroughs Wellcome Fund;; Merck Company Foundation; Rockefeller Foundation; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health); U.S. Department of Homeland Security (Office of International Affairs and Global Health Security, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs); and U.S. Department of State (Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation) . Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the organizations or agencies that provided support for this project.

Here we see the entry of private entities Bill and Melina Gates,, the huge pharmaceutical company Merck, Burroughs Wellcome Fund (a private org that supports biomedical research), and the Rockefeller Foundation (private org whose mission is to promote the wellbeing of humanity around the world).

The Gates Foundation has had their fair share of controversy. They have been accused by poor communities in third world countries of forcing sterilizing agents upon the populations without consent or knowledge through their tetanus vaccination programs. This is an egregious, heinous charge. Women in these cultures are punished and treated barbarically for fertility issues. People in the mainstream media dismissed these claims as radical conspiracy theories.

However, in 2014, the official conference of Catholic Bishops of Kenya surreptitiously obtained tetanus vaccine from the workers in the villages and sent them for lab analysis. Their findings proved that these vaccines were indeed tainted with agents that would cause sterilization in the women who were injected with those very vaccines.

Not one media outlet reported these damning findings. It is absolutely unjust. The proof is linked above. Women in the Phillipines also complained of the same issues.

Removal of a choice over family size is something the United States only recently stopped doing themselves. Up until the 1980’s, they were forcing sterilization on men and women, especially of color. Do not think this is something that is unique.

Why mention this?

It is important to show behind the curtain of those who are injecting themselves into documents that may influence national decision making.

This document, book length, was given the charge “To coincide with the U.S. presidential transition, the committee prepared the following report outlining how the U.S. government can improve global health under the leadership of a new administration...

…The committee is calling on the next President to highlight health as a pillar of U.S. foreign policy.[emphasis theirs]”

Many suggestions, repeated again from a decade earlier, stridently calling the new administration especially to respect WHO org., and to re-align with WHO. From the looks of matters, the President followed through. Pres. Obama did launch a Global Health Initiative, and he pledged $63 billion to it. Many suggestions from this document are almost verbatim on the press release.

To be clear, this isn’t to point out that Obama was the President, as in he is the only one this would have happened with.

It just so happens that the President was Obama. Do you understand what I mean?

In other words, it matters not who the president was for this term, this plan would have been drafted to give to whoever it was.

Fortuitously for them, it was Obama, who appeared open to their suggestions, as evidenced by the actions.

It gives one pause to see this play out, ten years later, looking back through this lens.

Why bring this up, you may wonder?

To illustrate how a relative elite few dozen can shape policy for a generation of millions upon millions.

It is really there for anyone to see, that all it really boils down to is whether the will to “do something” is present in those who are dictating the moves… or not.

As I have shown in previous pieces referencing this exact issue, in 2016, an article by David Murray in the Weekly Standard serves as an indictment.

It isn’t one of the “new” pieces that has sprung up within the last year or so, like in the Washington Post, looking both ways, coast is clear, stating President Obama failed in regards to illicit fentanyl.

This above piece, written in 2016, shows even then President Obama was focused on legal prescriptions, ignoring blatant proof to the contrary, and the journalist writing this particular piece was extremely puzzled.

As was I when I read the piece — before I knew about the population study.

The piece was brave to write back then!

It was written in the thick of things then, not now, when it’s deemed somewhat safer to criticize our former President.

The question was firmly asked then, what to do? Why not now?

And nothing was done.

Perusing documents… one can find so many disturbing facts retrospective.

The Institute of Medicine, that place that changed its name the day the Opioid Prescribing Guidelines were dropped(3/2016) by the CDC, had a large amount of activity prior to that shift in focus.

provided by author access 4.21.19 source:

There are many, many documents from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), especially regarding genome testing, need for clinical decisions around genome testing, and around skyrocketing obesity.

Obesity- the issue that wasn’t included in the list of 9 exemplar diseases the IOM put together for chronic disease issues greatly affecting Americans.

As I well know, it isn’t enough to just be critical. One must also give feedback that is constructive, or criticism is just… whining.

Obesity, in truth, is the number one chronic disease.

Not chronic pain or anything else.

The number one cause of many of the named conditions stated in the “list of nine” exemplar diseases.

Obesity is mentioned by NCSL (National Conference of State Legislators) in their document Health Cost Containment and Efficiencies (originally pub. 2009), as well as being a primary factor for the rise of Type II diabetes and heart disease- two of the “named” exemplar conditions set by IOM in the document, Living Well with Chronic Illness. A Public Action Plan.

This book is the protagonist of the 2016 CDC Guidelines for Prescribing of Opioids for treatment of Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (at least in many people’s opinion- to include my own-).

It is baffling to essentially “leave out” the number one chronic disease as well as the number one cause of many chronic diseases.

It virtually makes zero sense.

Why I want to point this out specifically is due to the high brow, messy rhetoric surrounding the opioid “crisis”.

What has been sold lock, stock, and barrel to the public versus what is actually true.

The real incurable painful disease patients have been telling the truth since the beginning of this madness.

Outside those few physicians that are diamonds in the rough… no one has listened, (and they still aren’t, by the way. However, real patients don’t listen to them. It’s even, no loss.)

The entire premise of the opioid “epidemic” is laid upon this report from CDC.

It may be a game of semantics, and I am not an epidemiologist, but let us be clear here.

The word epidemic in the Dictionary of Epidemiology defines it as “the occurrence in a community or region of cases of an illness, specific health-related behavior, or other health-related event clearly in excess of normal expectancy.


Certainly many behaviors and events could be classified as such, for all intents and purposes.

We then look at this report from CDC, published in 2014.

Numerous opioid prescribing guidelines reference the “epidemic”, to include the 2017 VA Prescribing Guidelines, and in their footnotes, if you look, this report is the credit to which they give for the “epidemic”.

Over FIVE years ago.

In this report, illicit Chinese fentanyl is clearly showing its ugly face.

The author mentions that there is no way for any lab to tell if a patient died from pharmaceutical fentanyl or illicit Chinese fentanyl:

“The sharp increase in deaths involving synthetic opioids, other than methadone, in 2014 coincided with law enforcement reports of increased availability of illicitly manufactured fentanyl, a synthetic opioid; . . .
!>>however, illicitly manufactured fentanyl cannot be distinguished from prescription fentanyl in death certificate data.”<<! [emphasis added]

Fentanyl isn’t distinguishable in lab tests.

Pretty significant point to toss over one’s shoulder, eh?

What I believe is even worse?

Five years later and we still have no lab assay testing available to denote this horrific drug from the vital pharmaceutical drug it is copycatting.

For heaven’s sake, why not?!?

Why is that?

Why hasn’t Congress made that a grade A number one top priority?

Have you ever seen the movie Apollo 13?

NASA dude dumps a bunch of crap on a table and says “We need a thing built that does this — writes description on chalkboard — with these implements. Figure it out in 8 hours.” Scientists do it.

Why in God’s name has no one done this with some semi-smart lab rats to find a illicit fentanyl lab assay versus pharmaceutical fentanyl one?

And no.

No eye rolling, no whispers of, “she just doesn’t get it.”

No. You just don’t get it.

Illegal Chinese fentanyl kills. It isn’t discriminatory. They knew this then, all too well. They know this now.

They dedicated all their resources to throttling prescribed opioids — which they knew wasn’t the issue!

Knew it by government data in over 80% of those addicted, those who answered their surveys.

They have made no movement.

They have done nothing to try to stop this killer other than pathetic nominal political posturing.

A few million bucks here or there for “border security”.

It’s. An. Outrage.

But… the Institute of Medicine can publish a document of what they would like to see accomplished regarding global health within a new administration, and it is turned around within eighteen months.

The means to do what needs to be done is there.

The will to do anything?

Another matter entirely.

The mess that is currently 72,000 “opioid related overdose deaths” and counting from illicit Chinese fentanyl tainting all manner of illegal drugs from marijuana to methamphetamines to street bought benzodiazepines to fake lookalike pills?

That mess belongs to the crowd in Congress.

Every single elected official.

It wasn’t advantageous to one of them to “do” anything regarding the illicit Chinese fentanyl. It may mess up the government’s population study. It may mess up the results. It may stop what is unfolding upon our citizens in all its horror, as they watch and mouth their pithy sayings that are meaningless, knowing full well what is actually going on.

5 years.

No change, except a body count that is skyrocketing.

While agencies publish their “studies”… all based on us.

While dockets are pushed… gathering information and comments from us.

While conferences are held… pushing the next biggest, brightest horror they will unleash on us.

So they can record it all.

My money is on methamphetamines for their newest WOD (War on Drugs) because that is a golden goose they haven’t even begun to pluck yet.

At that point, society will be deeply enmeshed in a societal study regarding obesity.

What all of this preliminary testing provided researchers is a blueprint. The opioid crisis, all this rhetoric, the data that is demonstrably false, the lies…

A detailed map guiding them.

A “drug free” America.

For the great unwashed, anyway. They certainly won’t do without.

Our Founding Fathers enshrined life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

They didn’t grant Congress the right to surveil the population, inserting insidious plots, without their consent.

They didn’t grant Congress the right to practice medicine without a license.

They didn’t grant Congress the right to stifle our right to happiness!

How many will be left to witness their show going forward?

CIAAG has the dossier of Violation of a Nation with all linked referenced pages of research notes and evidence. Please download and spread the truth, as an informed public is a free public.

Heather Wargo is a Medium Top Writer in Government, Politics, Health, and Social Media. She is a freelance writer and advocate for incurable painful disease patients and physicians affected by governmental overreach.

Heather Wargo has been published by The Western Journal, Lifesite News, The Ascent, P.S. I love You, Publishous, Uncalendared, The Writer’s Cooperative and Writer’s Guild.

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