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Writer+advocate. “Right is right when no one is right, and wrong is wrong when everyone is wrong.” Ven. Fulton Sheen. Published by The Western Journal + more.
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Unsplash by @olloweb

It’s interesting to consider how few people know what exactly is in the consent form(s) they are asked to sign when they roll into any medical clinic, hospital, laboratory or the like for an appointment.

Do you know? Have you asked?

What I have found even more unique? The professional who is asked for clarification, at least in my personal experiences, has not been able to answer my inquiry right away.

Indeed, the person in each instance has had to rifle through office drawers and files in search for a paper copy of what the exact “consent to treat” is……

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Photo by @danedeaner on Unsplash

The last time, I really could not stand it.

I had just redone the central bathroom, really nicely, too!, and the realtor walks through with his recommendations, which are the “things we were ‘planning all along to do’”.

I feel… semi-wronged.

The brand new screen doors bought for “eye candy” that would create a “great first impression” are the ones I coveted, ones picked out and waited for… for years.

They have elaborate wrought iron decor on the exterior trim. They are heavy, sturdy, and would last decades.

These doors do not look like screen doors.

They are kickass.


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Dr. Kermit Gosnell used by Fair Use photo by AP Corporate Comms

· This article talks about sensitive matters. It does not feature sensitive photographs.

Were you aware that the most extreme serial killer in American history was arrested, tried, and convicted just this decade? Assuredly worse than Jeffrey Dahmer.

Most of America has never heard of the gruesome scene found in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2010 or of the man sitting behind bars who created it.

You haven’t heard this sordid story because of the media blackout surrounding their unease about this man.

You haven’t heard about it because it involves minorities, refugees, the poor, infants, and a man who callously mutilated…

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Adobe Creative SDK licensed by Author

Brittany Runs a Marathon is the current “feel good” movie up for consumption.

It is the same old tired premise, with a few nouveau cultural references added in for 2019.

Weight loss makes ALL dreams come true!

… seems the real message, cloaked under the Afterschool Special “serious, self-esteem” message rammed down the audience’s throats.

“A person is special, strong, and capable at any weight when they take control of their life”

(I think…).

Sure. As if that is how society views anyone who self actualizes.

Fit? Couch potato?

We are largely viewed through the lens which society has deemed…

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provided by author taken 1990

The whole thing starts because my father couldn’t button his work shirts anymore, and my mother thinks he has a pinched nerve.

She forces a man who never, ever even catches a cold, let alone gets physicals, to go to a family doctor.

I find out during my Saturday morning phone call. Itself an interesting thing.

A typical phone call on a weekend goes like this.

I call on Saturday morning, knowing Dad would answer, and Dad answers, knowing it’s me calling.

Dad: Hello, it’s your dime.

Me: Greg.

Dad: Heather.

Me: What’s the temperature?

Dad: One.

Our exchange always…

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Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The notification is usually a tip-off.

Looking it over.

In my experience, it’s always been one of three types. Either:

  • The initial avatar Medium gives people when they sign up;
  • Ridiculously too close photo of a body part (an eye, an earring, smile, one had part of a (his?) beard);
  • animal (hedgehogs, cats, a rhino).

They never clap. They only respond.

I imagine them sitting on their hands in earnest. No claps for you. You will pay.


I glance at the “response”.

Yep. Multiple paragraphs abound.

Once, my three sentence comment on another writer’s story — I did not…

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Adobe Creative Cloud license purchased by author

Oh, come now!

You know who I am!

I am that person who likes all the posts. The ones for and against the issues everyone is arguing about.

I will say nice things to you.

And you.

And him and her, too.

No one is left out!!!

Because I don’t want anyone to think I am *gasp* judging them. Heavens, no.

I am an equal opportunity friend to everyone. I will support my friends in their fight against them. The shadowy, mean “them”, who I don’t have to worry about. Who cares about them??

However, in day to day life…

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photo from pictography

Intuition. The “little voice” that guides. We have all heard of this if we haven’t talked about it directly ourselves.

To be frank, I believe my intuition is my Guardian Angel… er, strongly urging me to do A versus B, not gonna lie.

I may sound a fool, however, I may as well be a truthful fool.


Little voice?

Guardian angel?


Many of us even name that little voice that whispers, don’t even play that you haven’t. Does it really matter, ultimately?

We almost all report having a “strong feeling” or inner voice at times that urges us…

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Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Have you heard of The Pain Relief Promotion Act of 2000?

I hadn’t either until this year. I hadn’t heard of “The Conquering Pain Act” preceding it in 1999, either…

Various versions have been sitting in the Senate, introduced by lawmakers since 1998.

Mostly politicians hailing from Oregon, the great state of Death with Dignity.

It appears this Act is like a penny. It has turned up over and over in Congress only to die in committee after committee… until…

Their efforts ground to a halt in 2007.

In time for a savior to enter the game, and then the…

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