The $5000-a-bike City Bikeshare That’s Hardly Used

I want to point out that your analysis of the BABS data is completely misleading and uninformed. It appears that you have lumped together all five cities in the Bay Area Bike Share pilot spread across 50 miles. The meaningful comparison is between just the SF service area and the other systems you cite across the country. Once you do that, it’s clear that SF stacks up admirably in terms of trips/bike/day. We stopped getting data from the operator on ridership some time ago because they now own the equipment, not us, and they are focused on expansion, but when I was last tracking it in fall 2015, we were averaging around 2.5 trips/bike/day here in SF, comparing very favorably with our friends in the Midwest and East, especially considering the limited size of our pilot (only 35 stations). Also, because it’s completely out of context, the info you’ve included about the cost of expansion is beyond misleading. SF, Oakland, Berkeley and San Jose are not going to pay for the proposed expansion — Ford will pay with their $50M sponsorship. The costs you have included in this misleading article are what it would cost if the public partners chose to purchase more equipment above and beyond what Motivate will be providing. Heath Maddox, SFMTA

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