Focusing on the core business is what differentiates real product design from interface design or even user experience design. Fundamental product design is really hard and requires a lot of legwork, but this is what designers at the highest level do — and it’s why their work is better than yours.
Everyone is a designer. Get over it.
Daniel Burka

Thanks Daniel. I’m learning this more and more, and trying to get more designers to realise this is their career path. To evolve past the UI, past the UX, to get involved in the fundamental business decisions that end up on the surface, that form the experience.

We should be nurturing and training designers from early on to embrace this potential career path and get them involved in learning the skills to improve their development.

We need to help transform designers into facilitators. People that help bring teams into the design discussion.

I think in doing so, designers won’t have such an allergic reaction to such comments.

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