HEAT Ledger’s 7th information session was held last Monday 2nd of September. Thanks to everyone who showed interest and dropped us a question. Below is a summary of the session in case you want to go back to them or hadn’t had the chance yet to check them out.

Question1: What is the planned mobile wallet release and what coins will be supported?

Answer 1: We expect to launch Alpha version with Ethereum, several Bitcoin based coins and Heat support within two months. As for the other question related to privacy functionality, we are actively talking with Mimblewimble based coin…

Change of Location

You might recall a previous announcement from earlier this year where HEAT's marketing manager would be located at Maria01 Startupland to be closer to start-ups, accelarators / incubators, and the tech advisors. After a few months, we've decided to move HEAT's headquarters to Maria01 to strengthen our ties with the community and be part of Finland's innovation ecosystem.

This move allows us to engage with the different actors to educate them on the benefits of blockchain enabled solutions, inspire them with practical uses cases in different industries, and promote the HEAT blockchain as a valid option to run proof-of-concepts. …

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This post explains HEAT's blockchain-enabled microservices platform and the benefits compared to running digital services on traditional infrastructures. This article was requested by the HEAT community after introducing HEAT's latest server update, on the titled HEAT Blockchain: Unlimited Size to Enable the Adoption of True Decentralization, written by HEAT's CTO, Dennis de Klerk.

HEAT micro-services offers you an alternative way to communicate digitally with your customers.

Instead of hosting a server which is accessed by a client over the HTTP protocol, with HEAT micro-services all communication takes place in the form of digitally signed blockchain stored transactions.

Transactions are distributed…

Here are the new features and improvements that have just been released on the 3.0 version. You can download the new versions from HEAT Wallet's web page or from HEAT Ledger's Github.

1. Unlimited Chain Space

Enabled 18 million terabytes decentralized blockchain storage engine, in preparation for decentralized block slice hosting.

This is HUGE and so we have a full post about it written by our CTO, Dennis de Klerk. Check it out! https://rebrand.ly/xi5km1

2. Proof-of-Presence Rewards for Registered Masternodes

In this article HEAT Ledger Ltd.’s CTO, Dennis de Klerk, will introduce the concept and benefits behind HEAT’s latest update to its chain. This revolutionary new approach offers an (almost) unlimited storage capacity for blockchain data.

This technology has been three years in the making and is a break from conventional blockchain engineering. This is achieved through a combination of optimizations at the lowest possible computing levels all the way up to a world wide spanning decentralized network of thousands of servers and home computers.

Invented, developed and pioneered by the HEAT development team, we bring you a virtualized decentralized…

(by Dennis de Klerk - CTO, HEAT Ledger Ltd.)

Intro: This article is about Libra the so-called Facebook cryptocurrency and how I (a blockchain protocol designer) believe its a good thing for crypto.

If you haven’t done so already head over to libra.org and read some of the stuff they put up there. Whether you are a blockchain protocol designer like myself or you are interested in the economics or future plans behind Libra, there are interesting and detailed write ups for all of us there.

Reading those pages on libra.org make me very happy. To me all this feels…

HEAT is excited and happy to publicly announce the addition of a new team member, Abhiram Hatolkar. Abhiram will be joining the development team on a front-end developer role, under the leadership of HEAT's CTO Dennis de Klerk. We asked Abhiram to let us know some about himself that we could share with the community and this is what we found out.

HEAT: What's your name, age and place of residence?

Abhiram: Abhiram Hatolkar. I’m 25 years old and I was born and brought up in India. …

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The Blockchain for Business series provides a detailed discussion about various industries and the benefits blockchain can have for small and large businesses. If you’re looking for an informative blog that aims to educate and not confuse — than you’re in the right place! These write-ups present real-life use-cases for blockchain, showing how they can be revolutionary for you and for your business.

In today’s article, we will tackle the education industry.

Let’s Have a Brief Recap on What Blockchain Tech Is

For those of you new to the blog let’s have a quick review. We began our Blockchain for Business series by discussing what blockchain is and how it…

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay. Design made with Canva.com.

Welcome to the Blockchain for Business series! If it’s your first time with us then we are happy to have you. Our goal here is to create easily readable content that makes the world of blockchain understandable. These write-ups focus on industry-specific blockchain solutions that highlight how blockchain can have major benefits for you and your business.

Today’s article is a lengthier one — addressing all the benefits blockchain provides to the transportation industry. Specifically, we will be discussing ride sharing, public transportation, and freight transport.

Let’s Have a Brief Recap on What Blockchain Tech Is

Let’s consider the fundamentals of blockchain as we did in our first ever article…

To know more about HEAT Wallet & DEX as well as the download links, just visit the product page here — https://goo.gl/VkmFVy.

New Trading Pairs and Markets

The new HEAT Wallet v2.9.0 has expanded its coin offerings to include Ethereum, Nxt, and Ardor. Along with HEAT and BTC this gives users a total of five coins that can be stored and managed with their HEAT Wallet. In Q2 of 2019, the HEAT team will secure support for even more coins, furthering the versatility for client usage. …

HEAT Wallet & DEX

Client-side authenticated cryptocurrency wallet with integrated DEX. Learn more at https://rebrand.ly/p7b90j. #blockchain #heatwallet #heatledger

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