HEAT Blockchain: Unlimited Size to Enable the Adoption of True Decentralization

Data Storage, Virtualized to Infinity

Storage Scarcity

Virtualizing Blockchain Storage

Rewarding Decentralized Archival — POP

Proving Your Presence

The Freedom to Operate your own Service

  1. works even offline,
  2. communications are digitally signed,
  3. everything is archived, transparent, and auditable,
  4. works from your home,
  5. it’s free,
  6. it’s anonymous,
  7. and your server location never has to be revealed.
  • escrow services,
  • sports betting,
  • exchange services,
  • digital signature services,
  • notary services.

Going Forward: A New Mobile Wallet Concept

About HEAT Ledger

Follow-Up Links

Company Website

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HEAT Whitepaper

Microservices Kit (currently being updated for the new chain version — stay tuned!)

Blockchain Integration Kit (minor updates are to be expected but its functional, please contact us for details)



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HEAT Wallet & DEX

HEAT Wallet & DEX

Client-side authenticated cryptocurrency wallet with integrated DEX. Learn more at https://rebrand.ly/p7b90j. #blockchain #heatwallet #heatledger