HEAT Wallet 2.9.0: New Features & Improvements to Wallet & DEX

HEAT Wallet & DEX

To know more about HEAT Wallet & DEX as well as the download links, just visit the product page here — https://goo.gl/VkmFVy.

New Trading Pairs and Markets

The new HEAT Wallet v2.9.0 has expanded its coin offerings to include Ethereum, Nxt, and Ardor. Along with HEAT and BTC this gives users a total of five coins that can be stored and managed with their HEAT Wallet. In Q2 of 2019, the HEAT team will secure support for even more coins, furthering the versatility for client usage. We will also being expanding the number of markets where these coins can be traded on the HEAT Decentralized Exchange.


  • Enabled the Ardor client side wallet and experimental Ignis Chain DEX access. The support for DEX blockchain other than HEAT’s own is experimental feature to display the versatility and flexibility of the Heatwallet platform to host and integrate with multiple blockchains and their sub-areas. To access the IGNIS chain, log into your ARDR account from the HEAT wallet manager screen first before accessing the DEX screen..
  • Added NXT and ARDOR support for the client side Heatwallet. This allows to use Heatwallet for NXT and ARDOR storage, like the native NXT and ARDOR wallets, combined with the storage and trading of other cryptos supported by HEAT.
  • Added certified NXT and ARDOR assets and NXT + ARDOR deposits (delay of 1–24 hours for now) and withdrawals to the HEAT DEX Gateway.

From Manual To Automated Withdrawals

Ensuring platform security is a paramount value for the HEAT team. For this reason, we have developed an automated withdrawal system that manages inter-blockchain risk while greatly reducing order fulfillment waiting time. This is managed by an automated inhouse flow system built to house BTC withdrawals for the moment, expanding to other HEAT supported cryptos a bit later.

Server Update 2.5.4

The biggest change is the addition of a new signaling server that provides encrypted, off-chain peer-to-peer messaging. This is an significant improvement to the standard blockchain messaging regarding security and confidentiality. HEAT off-chain messaging is managed by a combination of the HEAT blockchain protocol and Webrtc technology, open source software that allows web and mobile applications to communicate in real-time efficiently and effectively.

The HEAT off-chain messaging:

  • Provides device-to-device direct connection
  • Gives better encryption of signaling data that helps prevent MITM attacks. This is managed by users’ public/private keys to ensure that hackers can not alter or interfere with two parties who are in direct communication. The central HEAT signaling server doesn’t handle webrtc payload or identification data after signaling channel has been established.
  • With the client code, the signaling server guarantees that the connection will take place between the specified HEAT accounts only.

The HEAT Off-chain Messenger

The off-chain p2p messaging records and saves all encrypted chat history to sender and receiver devices only. This feature is both private and decentralized, offering security unmatched by most other messaging platforms including Facebook. It runs off chain by following the WebRTC protocol that comes with our server update.

Heatwallet.com will coordinate a signal between a sender and receiver’s IP. This allows the two parties to communicate directly in an extremely secure manner even if HEAT wallet goes offline — so long as the same IP is maintained. Upon initiation of signaling, the messenger offers the function to decline or confirm incoming connect requests via an online trigger. In the next version of our wallet, we anticipate having this feature (signaling channel initiation) be supported by any node on the HEAT network chosen by the user.

This feature exceeds or is on par with the confidentiality offered by some of the top encrypted messaging services to date.

Slash of Minimum Transaction Fees

With the roll-out of our new update, the current minimum Bitcoin withdrawal fees will be slashed by more than 70%, down to only 0.0004 BTC. We at the HEAT team are happy to finally offer these competitive rates for the Heatwallet DEX users.

Other Improvements to our Heat Wallet Client

In addition to all of these other exciting updates, we have also added a company node data source and failover mechanism for the Bitcoin client side wallet and fixed a BTC send bug. The overhaul has improved failover configuration options and improved speeds of wallet screen handling. We’ve also added storage for encrypted local BTC payment messages and removed the trollbox.

Final Thoughts

The HEAT team is excited to have finally announced the update release showing our commitment to long term improvement of the services. We know that our server update, use of WebRTC technology, and the addition of off-chain P2P messaging provides much-needed features for the current and future HEAT platform users. We are eager to make further developments and improve on those which we already have. In Q2, we plan to bring you further coin offerings and improvements to our newly introduced P2P messaging.

About HEAT Ledger

Founded by project leader Svante Lehtinen and full-stack core developer Dennis de Klerk in 2016, Finland-based HEAT Ledger has been working hard to bring the newest blockchain innovations to the industry. At the end of last year, our company was excited to announce the release of our long term crypto fiat e-wallet partnership with Malta-based financial services provider Paytah.

We’ve been constantly tweaking the performance and functions of our HEAT Wallet & DEX — the product which currently provides users with asset to asset exchange and multi-mode functionality that meets the needs of home users and corporate operators. The wallet supports multi-accounts, different cryptocurrencies and assets, and can manage high-frequency trading through its use of a real-time replication layer on any full node in the HEAT network.

We want to hear from you! Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think about our update. Our technology gets better and better with the more feedback you provide. On a side note, please be sure to return next week for another release in our Business for Blockchain series!

HEAT Wallet & DEX

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