HEAT Wallet 3.0.0: New Features and Improvements

Here are the new features and improvements that have just been released on the 3.0 version. You can download the new versions from HEAT Wallet's web page or from HEAT Ledger's Github.

1. Unlimited Chain Space

Enabled 18 million terabytes decentralized blockchain storage engine, in preparation for decentralized block slice hosting.

This is HUGE and so we have a full post about it written by our CTO, Dennis de Klerk. Check it out! https://rebrand.ly/xi5km1

2. Proof-of-Presence Rewards for Registered Masternodes

We've included a new transaction type for registration of a node’s IP address or domain name to become Masternode. Only registered masternodes are eligible for POP rewards when forging a block. Masternode registration is valid for 311040 blocks (~90 days) with a single registration transaction. Masternode registration fee (goes to next block finder) is 100 HEAT, and the minimum guaranteed balance checked at every block creation time is 1000 HEAT. Masternode feature will be enabled at hard fork block height 2 700 000 (approx. August 10th).

In preparation to the decentralized POP network where nodes are rewarded for archiving and distributing historic blockchain data, we are beginning to move to nodes being required to register as Masternodes. The first phase will start with the coming fork after which POP rewards are rewarded only to registered valid Masternodes. Registration is simple and is performed through the HEAT wallet user interface or API.

3. Experimental IOTA Support

We have added experimental support for IOTA where you can send, receive and store IOTA secured with your single HEAT key. IOTA support comes on top of HEAT Wallet's existing multi-crypto support for BTC, ETH, ARDR, NXT, FIMK and of course HEAT.

4. Atomic Multi Transfer

New transaction type for sending multiple payments in one transaction — Atomic Multiple Transfer. This feature is for now accessible through the HEAT Wallet API only, and does not include the user interfase at this point. For now, it is intended for use in external integrations and for the automation of processes on the HEAT network, for example micro-services sending automated payments. Atomic Multiple Transfer feature will be enabled at hard fork height 2 700 000.

5. P2P Protocol Update

Starting from block 2700000 all nodes will communicate with the newer, more efficient binary protocol instead of text based JSON. This will save bandwidth and makes things faster and more stable. CPU and memory usage of a node go down considerably especially when communicating larger pieces of data.

6. Local Server Suppor for Ultra-Secure Chat

Configurable webrtc signaling server for local secure chat setup independent from 3rd party services. Create your own private messaging network by turn on signaling service in your server heat.properties using “heat.signalingServerEnabled=true” and specifying your signaling host in the client application failover config (failover-config.json). Ask your users to do the same in their client apps, and VOILA! There you have the world’s most secure messaging service where the encrypted messages are transmitted directly from sender ip address to receiver ip. Initiation of communication channel coordination goes through single “central” server only — your own!
There is the example of failover-config.json with signaling host URL on the screenshot.

7. Secure chat UI Improvements

The secure chat feature launched in the last update got redesigned for improved usability.

8. Other Fixes

These are:

  • support storage of BTC messages in Local storage space.
  • support BTC transfer using HEAT accountId
  • support for IOTA wallet
  • support for ARDR wallet
  • use company node for querying BTC, NXT, ARDR
  • failover for BTC to use blockcypher.com
  • import specific currency wallet only on wallet screen
  • added Internet Address registration UI to support Masternode feature
  • added support for new transactions types — Internet Address registration, Atomic Multi Transfer
  • configurable URL of signaling server — ability to use separate (own, private) network of p2p messaging clients
  • tiny fixes of user interface
  • fixed failover behavior — switching between servers requires stricter conditions, which reduces the number of switchings
  • fixed p2p messaging behavior on account switching on the Wallet page
  • fixed behavior and application state on account switching on the Wallet page
  • disallowed new account creation without pin code

Welcome to drop your comments, questions or doubts. Debating is the best way to learn. Thanks in advance!

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