8 Things That Confuse, Anger, and Sadden Me About Tyre King

1. That a little boy is dead. He was killed by a public servant. A public servant whose “primary focus is the safety of those we serve, while ensuring we treat our residents with respect, dignity, and fairness.”

2. That a 13 year old boy being shot five times does not make everyone stop and reconsider the values and priorities of our society.

3. That we blame his parents and his culture for not keeping a tighter reign on him, instead of looking at a system of laws that says it’s okay, even good, to shoot and kill a child. Evil people and crime will always exist. Murder and violence will always exist. We don’t need the good guys contributing to the pain.

4. That we lament the situation and call it tragic, then turn around and say he got what he deserved. Imagine someone telling you that after your child has just died. No matter what your child had done, you would not agree that your child deserved to die.

5. That it seems like followers of Jesus are the least likely to extend grace and to point out injustice and oppression in our country.

6. That to defend the life of a child is perceived as demonizing a cop.

7. That our country lacks the imagination or fortitude to learn from countries that do this better than we do. We kill our citizens more than 18 times more often than European countries. Are Europeans just better people who are less violent? They are more secularized than America, so that goes against the “Only Jesus can make this situation better.” Perhaps it has more to do with “the average recruit in the US spends almost 20 times as many hours of training in using force than in conflict de-escalation.”

8. That a little boy was shot and killed by a cop. He was not the first and he will not be the last. The people least likely to call that abhorrent are the same people that worship a God-Man that died for his enemies and told his followers to do the same.

God help us.

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