That’s not any pro-life view I’ve heard; I’ve only heard those arguments as pro-choice.
Joshua Cottrell

Hi Joshua-

  1. The reason I do not consider myself as Pro-Choice and instead use Pro-Life is because I do not believe abortion is an equally good option for not having a child when you don’t want one. I actually believe it’s a pretty terrible,, but I understand why it’s chosen. Especially with the way we currently treat poor mothers in our country. 
    The Hyde Amendment is a great example of this. All the Hyde Amendment does is take away access to safe abortions from poor women. However, the same people voting for the Hyde Amendment are the same ones that want to take away birth control from poor women. While most studies show the Hyde Amendment has decreased abortions, I cannot figure out how they know since many of those women would not be able to get an abortion in a way that is reported.
    I want abortion to end, and making it illegal is something worth considering once we fix all of the other issues. But to make it illegal while leaving, or exasperating, the underlying causes in place is cruel.
  2. Slavery is actually a great illustration of my point. Jesus never spoke about slavery, but it was because (some of) His followers understood that slavery was antithetical to the whole of His teachings. I think Jesus did find all forms cruelty abhorrent, including slavery — though it is important to note that Roman slavery was typically nothing like the American slavery experience. 
    It’s also important to remember there are more slaves in the world now than there have ever been in the past, even though it is illegal. It’s something Christians should pursue the end of and not just fight to make it illegal. The reason I think slavery should be illegal even though it continues is two fold. First, it gives people that are in slavery a recourse to get out. If slavery were legal, they would have no hope of being rescued. Second, it allows us to remove slave holders from society. Neither of those is a need for abortion (in my opinion), and its outlaw would only serve to make many women more desperate.
  3. Even in the Pentateuch, most of the laws were more penal than moral. Jesus not only thought murder was wrong, He also taught hate was evil but I do not believe we should lobby to make hate illegal. We make murder illegal so a society has a recourse for a murderer, not so murder will stop. I do not believe women who get abortions should be put in jail.
    As for Ephesians 5, I understand that to mean be careful of associated with people that claim to be people of the light but exist in darkness, aka false teachers. Jesus had a reputation of being a drunkard and glutton, so I’m okay associating with people most religious people would find offensive.

Thanks for your thoughts! I always enjoy good dialogue.


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