If you believe abortion should not be illegal, then you are pro-choice.
Michael J. Motta

Hi Michael-

You may be right — I need to think through that some more. My initial response, that’s not quite well thought out is:

I do not want abortion to be legal. I also do not want to waste a lot of time/energy/money seeking it’s legal abolition when it would be much more effective to make abortions unnecessary.

Whether abortion is legal or not they will continue to occur at near the same rate they occur now. The only difference would be more women would die.

I know the same argument could be made for any law. Theft is illegal, but people still do it. Murder is illegal, but people still kill. The difference for abortion is that we make theft and murder illegal in order to remove thieves and murderers from society. If you steal, you will be removed from society until you demonstrate you will no longer steal (I know this is an ideal arrangement that’s far from reality, but our prison system is an entirely different subject).

Other laws protect our society by providing punishments/rehabilitation/removal from society for breaking those laws.

I would not support punishing women that have abortions any more than I think throwing addicts in jail is solving addiction.

Our society needs to fix the causes of and societal needs for abortion before we make it illegal.

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