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This is a step by step tutorial on how to deploy a Golang app on Heroku.


  1. Heroku Account
  2. Heroku CLI
  3. Golang v1.14 and above

Create a Heroku account using your email and password or log in if you already have an account.

Download the Heroku CLI by running the command below on Mac OS

$ brew tap heroku/brew && brew install heroku

Or go-to to install on Windows.

Login to Heroku from your terminal using the command

$ heroku login

This will open your web browser to complete the login flow.

Create Procfile by running

$ touch Procfile


Hey guys, this is my first blog post here. I want to share how to integrate excel in your Laravel project. There are couples of packages out there which provides this functionality but I will be using Maatwebsite Excel for this purpose.

This is a walk-through on how to integrate Maatwebsite Excel in Laravel application, please refer to documentation if you have any concern.

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  1. Set Up.
    Package requirement
    - PHP version ^7.0
    - Laravel version ^5.5
    - PhpSpreadsheet version ^1.6.

Download the package in your project by running the code below.

composer require maatwebsite/excel

However, Maatwebsite\Excel\ExcelServiceProvider is auto-discovered by default…

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