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funny thing was, Raiders fans could kinda feel this coming (and honestly, I think SF fans could too). Not going to say we KNEW what was going to happen, but even at 0–10 that season felt different than all the others before. Yes, we were hoping to avoid 0–16 just for the sheer ignominy of it; but we also knew that the future was brighter than it had ever been. Going into the KC game, there was a vibe of “you know what, this could be the one.” There was a buzz in the air not usually reserved for an 0–10 team. And even after the Rams game, it was still “that sucked, but who cares — we’ve got the Niners coming up this week!” Carr told the press that Raiders fans told him before the game “if you only win 1 more game this season, PLEASE let it be this one!!” SF was clearly not the same team as the previous few years; they were headed down, and we were headed up. The question was, had we passed them yet? Before the game, the answer was “Maybe, maybe not.” Afterwards, there was no doubt. It was clearly an upset, but for those in the Bay Area (both SF and OAK) it was not really “shocking.”

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