I always had an idea in my mind that , the more you know about life , the more you will pay the price . You time , youth are the price you have to pay . Here is the trick , I can’t gain knowledge without getting older . I can’t taste the feeling of seeing clearly , without noticing how i got older since the last time i thought about this or that topic naively

I always liked the feeling of seeing clearly , understanding some phenomena , like how people behave according to some circumstances surrounding them , like knowing that not all stories ends with a prince and happily ever after at the finally .Ironically, sometimes the prince become the villain.

Of course we don’t pay evenly , some of us have found the corner stone of happiness at the age of twenty while others struggle facing depression every day at the age of fifty , it depends on where , who and how .

Where you are , you neighbourhood , you school , family and friends are apart of forming you knowledge about our world and our life , some people where we grow up let us face the unknown by building enough courage inside our souls , the courage to question the fundamental axioms used all around us . other times they would try to lock you , break you confident till you are not able to defend you thoughts , you clear vision , that is not clear anymore

Who we are . I think our identity is hidden inside , our genes , our believes and our ethics. Part of our identity is forced , we didn’t choose our brain, our heart, ability of dealing with stress , still it forms a major part of who you are ,but we choose how to use it .

how we use what we have to understand better , we all try to build a structure of how life is about , but along the way we might get stuck in our salary , budget, social events and all the expectations demanded by society you live in , we get stuck so bad that we don’t have the time to notice how much we have changed .

Asking questions is a good start for us to become wiser , we all are getting older , no one can stop it from happening . the only thing we can do is to spend our time wisely , without letting distractions hide who we are and why we are here .

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