Just Saying…

I think its messed up. How we work so hard to get to things we will not work hard to keep. I just think its stupid how we think that we have what we want by simply having it. I mean… the most important part of getting anything is keeping it. Be it the after purchase customer service, the maintenance phase after a diet for losing weight, the car service you do every once in a while, dying the roots of your hair when it grows, or refreshing your makeup when you need to. Whatever it is. It always needs care.

So before you actually try to have something, ask yourself whether or not you can afford it. Can you afford the spare parts of your dream car? Can you afford to dye your hair and keep doing it for a while? Can you afford to get your dream job without growing the skills needed for it? Can you afford to be with the person you love without hurting them?

Distinguish between wanting something to feed your ego and wanting it because you care about it. Are you chasing things because you will cherish and take care of them or because you enjoy the chase? Are you after her because you can’t have her or because you wish you did? You know what most people remind me of? They remind me of a bee that wants to sting someone and tries to do so and as soon as it does; it dies AND hurts others. Unfortunately it’s in our nature; walking down a beautiful road with flowers on the sides and you see a beautiful flower you like and you just pull it off the tree killing it and then enjoying it for a while and throwing it away. We fail to understand that the beauty of the flower only remains when it is given the freedom to live on the tree. The beauty of a bird lies in being free to fly around. And the beauty of any relationship is to treat the one you have like you don’t have them yet.