Defcon 27

Heba Hamdy Farahat

On 12th June 2019, a crazy idea just popped into my mind “i want to fly to USA and attend Defcon 27”, that night i couldn’t sleep, idea can’t get out of my mind!

DefCon is the world’s oldest and largest hacker convention which takes place every summer in Las Vegas.

Early in the morning, i talked to my supportive manager Sherif Shaltout, SecureMisr. Great support was given ! :)

On August 9th, i started attending the 2nd day in Defcon.

Event took place in 4 different hotels in Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood, Ballys, Paris and Flamingo.

As you can imagine it is a huge event! Many amazing things run concurrently!

Important tip: Try to decide on which talks/activities/CTFs you want to attend prior to event to have better time utilization and learning experience.

Besides talks and activities in villages, there were also workshops. Some of them were organized by “wallofsheep”. Prior to event i booked a ticket to their “Reverse Engineering Malware 101” workshop conducted by Amanda Rousseau who works as an Offensive Security Researcher @ Facebook

The workshop was so organized. she is really clever. Materials of our workshop is already published online:

The most interesting activity i have joined is lock bypass 101 at Lock Bypass Village

where we learnt basics techniques to unlock some doors such as car doors,..etc

Besides that, many CTFs were running concurrently. The most interesting ones from my point of view were ATM, camera and car hacking CTF.

During event, you may find some creatures moving around😄

Talks were amazing, but it really bothered me that talks’ timing were too close yet talks’ location maybe in different hotel.

Tip: Wear running shoes you will need it !

Some talks had really catchy names “HCK THE POLICE”, “Your Car is My Car”, “Your Secret Files are Mine” ,”My is Your” , “SDR Against Smart TVs: URL and Channel Injection Attacks” and much more. Keep on eye on their youtube channel, they usually upload most of talks.

Overall, i have learnt a lot and got to know new people in our field.

Hope to attend more Defcon conferences! See you there next year inshallah!

Heba Hamdy Farahat

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