Press Release: Chetan Hebbur is Opposed to Mayor de Blasio’s Decision Not to Offer Half-Price MetroCard to Very Poor New Yorkers

NEW YORK, NY — Yesterday, June 7th, Mayor Bill de Blasio rejected a $50 million plan to lower the cost of public transportation for low income New Yorkers.

We at Hebbur for NYC stand in opposition of Mayor de Blasio’s decision to reject this proposal. Nearly 26,000 arrests were made last year for fare evasion and an overwhelming majority of those arrested being black and latino. Moreover, even though more than 50% of “very poor” New Yorkers depend on public transportation, 25% struggle with the cost of a MetroCard. This has turned into an epidemic that criminalizes poverty.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this decision by Mayor de Blasio is that the decision was to not fund a $50 million pilot program that would offer half-price MetroCards to New Yorkers who are making just 50% of the federal income level or less, while the city embarked not two months ago on a multi-year, $100 million project to extend the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway Project on an 8-block stretch in East Midtown/Upper East Side.

Mayor De Blasio has made his priorities clear, so Chetan Hebbur feels he must also make his stance known: criminalizing poverty is unjust to New Yorkers, and New York City must offer half-price MetroCards to the most vulnerable among us.

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