JH Weekly Sprint 2/15/17

As of right now, a basic racing scene has been set up in Unity, however a lot of our assets are taken from the standard assets in the Unity store. As my friend and I steadily build the game into something that is more of our own, one major priority is creating our own race courses. Because we plan to have fairly abstract shapes for the courses, we’re going to need to create a car controller from scratch. Before we do so though, we’ll need to be able to create the tracks, and implement them into Unity.

So far, I’ve designed two different track pieces, with the former being a way to test handling and driving on flat roads, and the latter testing how the car controller handles bumps and hills. These two are fairly simple in design, but I started with these mostly as a way of getting myself used to the interface of Maya again. In the future, I plan to add more extreme shapes such as loops, tubes, and cork screws.

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