Thank you, David!

We would like to thank long-time volunteer and Co-Chair of HECAC, Dr. David Celiberti, who is stepping down from his position.

Dr. David Celiberti is the Executive Director of the Association for Science in Autism (ASAT). This organization is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families by promoting the use of safe, effective treatments, which are grounded in science. ASAT is committed to sharing accurate, scientifically-sound information with professionals, parents, and journalists. It also highlights and combats inaccurate information regarding autism and its treatment. More information can be found here:

Dr. Celiberti was drawn to this work as a graduate student in clinical psychology at Rutgers University. During his course of studies, Dr. Celiberti noticed that many children with autism weren’t receiving the most up to date interventions and only a select few could access the best resources. He was determined to rectify these inequities through his professional practice. A crucial aspect of Dr. Celiberti’s work now centers on working in rural Maine, helping public schools develop and implement educational programs for children with autism.

Dr. Celiberti first joined HECAC in 2008. He shared his expertise by leading parent workshops about topics related to children with special needs. He also became involved with developing surveys that captured the viewpoints and experiences of families in the Pre-K program. Dr. Celiberti remained involved with HECAC even after his own son graduated from the program in 2011.

As the Pre-K program has grown over the years, HECAC’s scope and structure has evolved to keep pace. Dr. Celiberti facilitated the growth of a committee structure, which allows HECAC members to undertake multiple projects in support of the Pre-K program and deepen their impact.

Dr. Celiberti reflected, “I have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful colleagues on the council who share a passion for excellence, a commitment to our city’s youngest learners, and a vision that puts parent collaboration at the cornerstone. I will miss them but know that there are many wonderful things in store for HECAC.” Thank you for your service, David!

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