Goat, new black pudding and we’re one year old!

Last week, we celebrated our first birthday!

It’s incredible to have you share in our project and an honour to have it grow into a thriving business. Thank you J

We’ll have a celebration in September, when everyone’s back from their summer holiday, so watch this space.

In the meanwhile, we have some updates on things to expect in September…


Since day one, we have been asked regularly for goat! As usual, we’ve been picky in choosing a supplier and have settled on a small farm, the same that our Black Faced Suffolk mutton comes from, which has a herd of Boer goats.

The Boer breed was developed in the early 20th century in South Africa, specifically for goat meat. From the samples we’ve tried, it’s a country mile ahead of any goat we’ve had before — the taste profile falling somewhere between lamb and veal.

We should have a supply in the first few weeks of September. So, if you’re interested in trying it, let us know and we’ll put some aside for you. The cuts are the same as on a lamb and it cooks similarly — i.e. roast the leg pink, pan-fry the chop to rare and slow cook the shoulder.

New product… Gluten-free fresh-blood black pudding from the Fruit Pig Company

Almost all black pudding is made from dried pig’s blood that’s rehydrated and mixed with herbs and oat meal.

However, we have come across a little business doing it the traditional way. They go down to their local abattoir and collect the fresh blood then head home and make their black pudding. The result is that they look like something out of a horror movie but in doing so create black pudding that’s a whole different level of delicious.

And it just keeps getting better… it’s gluten free too!

You can look forward to it arriving in early September.