Newsletter: Almost mutton, sausage making masterclass and visiting our farmers

I’ve been all over the country in the last few weeks catching up with our farmers and Edge & Sons, entering competitions and such like.

So, here’s a brief update.

Shearlings, mutton nearly

Some of the Hebridean lambs we meet when we last visited our farm, and one sneaky Herdwick.

While we were up in the Wirral, the plan was to see the long-promised Jacob mutton. But, for some unknown reason, the farmer never showed up. So the wait continues.

In the meantime, I have managed to get my hands on some lovely looking Hebridean shearling — or hogget, depending where you are in the country, which is very similar to mutton in taste and texture. In short, it’s fantastic. It’ll be in Friday and as usual, it’s worth placing an order rather than chancing it as from experience it will go quickly.

Sausage making masterclass

Last night we ran our third sausage making masterclass. Again, it was a storming success, enjoyed by all. Thank you to all of our participants for a really fun evening!

Our next course is running at 7.30pm ’til late on Wednesday 12th April. It’s £40 a ticket, which includes the class itself, £20 worth of sausages, a hearty tasting at the end and a few drinks. Bargain.

A fine gift for a foodie mum this Mothering Sunday! We’ll even write out the ticket in our best handwriting.

Visiting our farmers

Last week we made a trip up to the Wirral to take a slightly overdue tour around our lovely farmers’ farms.

One of the most difficult questions we get asked is, “what makes your meat different?”. It’s only difficult because there is no one thing; it’s a hundred different little tweaks which make the difference, from conception to wrapping it up for you.

As talented as we are, we’d never pretend to be experts on farming, so we rely on the farmers we use to share the same ambition for quality above everything that we have for our shop. And luckily enough they do — in buckets.

It was a delight to see the passion that goes into rearing their animals and to learn more about all the small things they do around housing, feed regimes, biodiversity, nutritional support, welfare and much more.

It was also a delight to tell them about how much you all like their product.

Watch this space for more details over the coming weeks…

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