Newsletter: Biblical mutton, hares back in and plump-breasted wood pigeon

We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day steaks!

I have finally managed to get me hands on a few more hares!!! For anyone that was lucky enough to snaffle one up last time, they’ll know they are a pleasure unsurpased by any other game. They come in Saturday morning, are £20 each and will happily feed six to eight people

Other highlights of what will be coming in for the weekend include…

  • A side of Belted Galloway, which are famed for their rich-red and dense-textured beef, and their distinctive white belt
  • The last pheasants of the season
  • Some, I am told, particularly plump-breasted wood pigeon

Coming soon… Jacob mutton

We’re expecting some exciting mutton through shortly… Jacob sheep have a black and white piebald fleece, have up to six horns and have seen little adulteration of their genetics since they were first documented in the 17th century.

The first examples of piebald (irregular patches of two colours in their fleece) sheep were around 3,000 years ago in modern-day Syria and selective breeding of them is mentioned in the Book of Genesis.

Recently, a herd have returned to their biblical roots, taking up home at a Heritage Park in Israel.

Today, there are over 3,000 breeding females in the UK, making the Jacob one of the most popular native breeds.

Watch this space for a date.

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