Newsletter: Game season, Christmas (I know) and Callum off to the US for a bit

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It’s too early to think about Christmas, but we’re going to anyway

We’re already being asked about Christmas, so just to let you know, information on what we’ll be offering will be available in late October (I know, I know, only a mere two months to make a decision, sorry) and we’ll be taking orders from 1 November.
The combination of the drought over the summer and various knock-on effects from the instability around Brexit has had a substantial impact on farmers’ costs (anywhere up to 10% on last year). For obvious reasons, everyone in the supply chain is sitting on price rises as much as possible but do expect our prices to be a few percent higher this year than last.

Game season

The first big weekend for game shooting is this weekend, so expect a regular flow of game from next week.
Our beautiful farmed Red Deer venison will begin at the end of October this year. The dry weather over the summer means they still need to put a little weight on before they’re ready.

Callum off for a month

As most of you will know, Callum has a side line in political activism. As part of that he’s off to Montgomery, Alabama from Sunday until the mid-term elections are over in the first week of November.
Michael’s running the show in his absence.