Prematurely Senile

“Prematurely Senile !!”

That’s what the doctor said to me after he checked my laboratory test.

“What’s your weight?” The Doctor asked me.


“Told you that!!” He turned to his assistant “20mg doesn’t work on him at all!! Right? I will give 25mg to him, let’s see how it works……”

Sounded like a vet was giving a fucking recipe for some livestock.

Yes, I am that livestock. And what I can do was just smiling like a silly ass.

“Young man, let’s see what problems you have now. Hyperglycemia,FLD, oh! you got 3+ on urine protein, oh ho ho~ You better watch out!!”

He replied two calls during diagnosis, one of them was to decline a dinner invitation. The other one was to make sure the hotel and the flight. That’s an fucking 5-stars hotel and he have a private room there, WTF!!

I was just watching that old ass’s watch, a Rolex, and nodding. We’ve been waiting for him for 2 hours before he got back from somewhere, and watching those nurses giggling to each other.

I was in an public hospital, and I am still sick.

Someone repairs my kidneys. And do rectal examination on that doctor for 10 times.

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