That girl which looks like Mana Sakura was standing in the subway carriage. I was moved in that moment then got close to her. She was watching an animation that I couldn’t recognize. But it must be something from Japan, cause that was a floating bullet style app like She didn’t notice my staring at all. One of the scene from the movie clip brought an charming smile to her.

After I stood next to her, she got a seating space between two medium aged losers. She took half of the seat and kept her legs closed tightly. Then rested her chin on her left hand.

Two stations later, the uncle on her left stood up and got off the train. So I could sit next to her. So I could keep on observing her. You wouldn’t believe what was she reading there. A piece of code! I mean the programming code, that look like VC, that was a blog introducing how to transport file between PCs. God damn it! An adorable girl was trying to learn programming in the subway. It looked like a dream standing in front of you.

She must be some angel that the God of programming sent to me to encourage me before The Renal Biopsy.

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