Heighten the heart mind connection.

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is in the midst of a meditation revolution. As reported by the CDC, people reporting use of meditation tripled to 14% from 2012 to 2017 in the US. And with good reason, the scientific evidence that meditation changes your brain and mind in beneficial ways is irrefutable.

Meditation trains you to befriend your inner landscape — to rest the mind and access the calm and clear Self within. …

Can you find relief in a vibrating wristband?

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Several intriguing and affordable tech devices have emerged on the market recently to relieve stress and anxiety. I’m most excited about using sound and vibration to calm a triggered nervous system, which is the source of stress and anxiety manifesting in the body. In my own experience as a biohacker and for my clients as a human potential coach and energy healer, I have seen how these devices can powerfully shift the nervous system and work both short- and long-term to reduce stress and anxiety and calm the mind and body.

The science of healing with sound and vibration

Our body is first and foremost an energetic system…

Neowise above the Cirque — Scott Copeland

with contributions from Stephen Altair

In the last two years, I learned to meditate in a quest to finally calm my perpetually busy and intellectual Western mind. And, because I tend to go “all in” on virtually everything I do, I dedicated about 2000 hours to practicing, or about 3 hours per day. It inexplicably and profoundly changed my life.

Along the way though, I discovered something of a miracle. There is an ancient direct path to access a peaceful and happy mind. You actually don’t need to meditate for 1500 hours. …

A simple guide to finding peace of mind and stepping into the flow of life.

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Oftentimes, struggle seems synonymous with being human. We struggle because we want to make the outside world conform to the way we think things should be. However, if your benchmark for happiness is derived from the state of the external world, you are condemning yourself to a lifetime of misery.

But what if there was another way?

“The true nature of all living creatures is already completely free from suffering and endowed with perfect happiness: In seeking happiness and avoiding unhappiness, regardless of how we go about it, we’re all just expressing the essence of who we are.”

The key lies within.

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As a passionate conservationist, I’ve spent much of my life as a scientist studying and working on environmental issues. Based at a leading non-profit conservation organization for twenty years, I wrestled daily with solutions to lessening humanity’s footprint on the planet, harming fewer animals, paving less ground, cleaning the water and air, and so on.

My heart ached on a nearly constant basis with awareness of the growing environmental destruction and its impact to life on earth. …

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It has been aptly stated that we are in the midst of The Great Pause right now. With people largely staying home and businesses shuttered across the world, it certainly feels that way. This change, while painful, is also causing a great rethink about our priorities — the Western world madness in the way that we seek external products and experiences to soothe our unsettled inner emotions and minds.

Businesses profit mightily from this view of reality. It is a convenient and happy marriage that their product will soothe your ill. Nearly everyone has bought into this belief. The mistake…

Harnessing the power of heart-brain connections to rewire your brain for inner calm and clarity

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As anxiety and fear are running high in the face of the COVID-19 virus, there could never be a more important time to rewire your brain for inner calm and clarity. Cultivating ‘mindfulness’ — coming fully into the present — is key for mental resilience. Do this for your own sanity, but also as a gift to those around you.

If I ask you to think about “mindfulness” — where in the body do you imagine? Most of us would likely respond “brain” because we…

One biohacker’s quest to change her brain through meditation

The author tracking her brainwaves. Photo courtesy of author

We live in an era of big data. We track what we buy, what we eat, the quality of our sleep, how much we exercise, and on and on. So it’s no wonder the data-driven world has found its way into a tradition that goes back thousands of years to yogis in caves searching for enlightenment. That’s right, we now have the means to track our meditation patterns too.

In early 2019, as a scientist and self-professed biohacker, I found myself searching for ways to hack my brain, stop endless recursive mind chatter, improve my overall sense of happiness and…

Inside you is the most elegant and sophisticated biological wonder on the entire planet, your brain. Unfortunately, in western society, there is little to any instruction on how to actually operate it. Not being taught how to use your brain is like giving the keys of a Ferrari to a 4-year-old. The adult sits patiently in the back watching with a wild, excited child at the helm racing all over town and weaving across the lanes — oh let’s go here. No here. No here. …

Holly Erin Copeland

Certified Human Potential Coach and explorer of neuroscience, meditation, mind and consciousness. Learn more at: http://heartmindalchemy.com.

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