My 2015 in review

After reading Tobias van Schneider and fLowen’s year in review, I found myself thinking about how my year had gone, and realised that more things have happened that I could remember off the top of my head, so I decided to take a few minutes to write it all down.

Moved back home

In 2008, I moved to the UK, and this summer I got to move back home, to Mexico.

The time I spent in the UK was truly amazing, I made good friends, I got to work with amazing people, built cool stuff for great clients, and created so many great memories that it’s impossible not to miss living there. But it was time to come back home, and I don’t regret it. It took some time getting used to doing things differently here and (embarrassingly) had to dust off my Spanish a bit, but it’s been a few months since I got back now and I’m having a blast!

Launched my studio

In February this year Agile Kitchen was officially founded. It started off just as myself and my laptop, and never thought I would be working with a team of 4 by the end of the year. We’ve been fortunate enough to have collaborated with many talented designers and developers on interesting projects and would like to thank our clients, it’s because of you that we get out bed every day!

Finally went to The US!

Despite having worked with several US-based clients before, I hadn’t actually ever been to the States. Got to work on a project for a few weeks in New York, and now I can’t wait to be back!

Anyone in the US wants to work with me and my team? We’ll gladly visit! :D

Started writing

For years people suggested I should blog, but I didn’t know what I’d write about. I’m one of those that don’t lack ideas for new projects, but I tend to be short on time and commitment for personal projects, so just over a month ago I started a writing a blog in Spanish, just for myself, to keep track of the stuff I want to build, do, places I want to go, and to actually get to it.

Gave my first course on Web Design

During the summer I gave a one week introductory course on Web Design at a local University.

It was a great experience, specially since the people taking the course, roughly 20 students, were from different backgrounds and none of them had even written a single line of code. Definitely, an experience I would love to repeat.

Created Coffeeholics

I have always enjoyed meeting new people, so early in the year I decided to setup a meetup group with one goal: get to know new people over a cup of coffee. I started it in York, and soon after my sister joined in to setup one in New York, and now there is also one in Mexico City. We would like to see it happen in more cities and I hope 2016 will be the year for that!

Shipped my first product

I’ve always struggled with getting stuff I build out on the web, but this year, in July, I finally launched one of the products I’ve been meaning to get out for a few months, it’s called Pagoteca and it’s a simple payments web app for the Mexican market.

It’s one of the things that really made my year a great one, and I’m thinking that 2016 will be my ‘Year of Shipping’ as I build a few more products I have in mind.

Took on pyrography

I was fascinated when during a fair I saw a man burning the wood and creating beautiful images on it. I just had to get started on it the moment I got home that week!

It took some improvising at the beginning, and I’m by no means an expert by now, but I have really enjoyed it so far!

Some of my creations

Started a podcast

My team and I started a podcast to share our process while we build some products together, called Mostachon. Unfortunately after the third episode we had to put it ‘on hold’ but we will be getting back on it for the coming year.

A few things for 2016

Ship, ship, ship!

Launching Pagoteca was just the beginning of a list of stuff I want to build. So regardless of how simple it may seem or ridiculous, I just really enjoy building stuff, so I will be launching as many of those as I can. The point is just to have fun building.

Take more photos

I like photography, but I don’t do it enough, so I’m thinking of doing some sort of 30 day challenge or something like that to give it that push, I just need to take a whole load of pictures this year!


Shamefully, my reading list for 2015 was practically nonexistent, and I’m changing that this year, starting with at least 6 books throughout the year. Not the most ambitious goal, but achievable, and that’s the whole point.

Get a dog

I love huskies! and I’ve always wanted one of these fellows, so 2016 is the year this is happening! :D


I want to keep working with talented people, so if there is anything you think we could work on, I’m more than happy to go grab a coffee and chat!

I wish you all the best!