Memory is your most powerful asset as long as you are aware of your abilities and invest time in it.

If you’ve watched Suits, you probably know Mike. He has an eidetic memory, therefore has remembered anything he’s ever read. It is an incredible feature in his professional life. If…

Micro-credentials’ full benefits to students, active workers, universities, and recruiters

BCdiploma offers a turnkey service to create and share blockchain certificates, for all academic documents

Micro-certification emerges in the EdTech landscape as a valuable education alternative. The number of micro-certifications rises sharply to meet the new job market’s criteria and candidates’ need to differentiate themselves. Meanwhile, college degrees’ value declines and universities could consider incorporating micro-certifications to their syllabus to remain attractive against more atypical education paths. Moreover, since the needs of recruiters and students have changed, credentials format has too.

Read the full article here…

BCdiploma aims at raising awareness on blockchain technology among higher-education students in the UK

BCdiploma’s 100 first customers are located in France, Canada and 12 other countries across the globe. For the first time, BCdiploma targets the UK.

By presenting the advantages of its blockchain technology to the end users of its solution — in this case, students from the United Kingdom — BCdiploma…

BCdiploma a pour objectif de sensibiliser les étudiants britanniques à la technologie blockchain

Les 100 premiers utilisateurs de la solution BCdiploma sont situés en France, au Canada et dans 12 autres pays à travers le monde. Pour la première fois, BCdiploma cible le Royaume-Uni.

En présentant les avantages de sa technologie blockchain aux utilisateurs finaux de sa solution —en l’occurrence, les étudiants du…

Tools to get away from a daily surge in your stimulation level.

From | Public image

First of all, how am I able to write this specific Medium article? I have dared to step out of my comfort zone and went, alone, to a TEDx event hosted by my university.

Read more about why you should overcome your fears in my previous story.

It was about…

Key takeaway : Anyone has a story to share!

I have just began a new journey, here on Medium. Why did I join this platform ?

I am this 20 yo undergrad who just started his first internship in an EdTech start-up ; and as I stepped into the workplace, a lot changed. My perception changed. …

Hector Peretti

+33 | +44 | A Corsican Globe-trotter far from home | Young social entrepreneur and environmental activist ❤ Studying at Warwick Business School | 20yo

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