Why Bernie Won’t Be Drafted For a People’s Party
Lily Starling

I’ll address each of the points you raise:
1. You say Bernie has “continually said no” to the idea of drafting him for a 3rd party. Where has he said this? Your article is wonderfully sourced, but you don’t provide a source for this claim. It’s strange, because I’ve heard this claim a lot in the past few days, but no-one has provided a source to back it up.

2. You haven’t proven that Bernie is anti-3rd party. You’ve proven he’s anti-Vermont Progressive Party. In the past, he’s voiced support for 3rd parties.

3. You’re assuming the GOP won’t lose votes to a 3rd party. We know Bernie appeals to people from every party, and especially to independents. They sided with Trump in the 2016 election.

4. How is Nick Brana “backing Bernie into a corner”? How is this a “revenge project”? You haven’t provided evidence for these seemingly biased remarks. Nick has created a petition to show Bernie that the people are with him and ready to support him if the Democrats are intransigent. How is that backing him into a corner?

5. Is Ross Perot relevant? Any new 3rd party would be trying to win entire states and wouldn’t just be running a Presidential candidate. If Bernie were on board, I expect Vermont would be an easy win, don’t you think? That’s already more electoral votes than Perot. And, if we show people that the two-party system is broken, such that the Presidential election goes to a House vote, that might be the greatest incentive for improving it. So I say bring on a 3rd party! It would be the greatest vehicle for change our political system could ever have.

6. Are you seriously making the argument that Democrats want progressives to leave the party? Without knowing you too well, that seems a little duplicitous to me. You say that if progressives left, the neoliberals would be “free to rule without meaningful opposition.”. There’s two problems with that assumption. First, they already lack any meaningful opposition and won’t while things remain as they are (and keeping Dementer folks at the local level is exactly how they contain them btw). Second, neoliberals can’t rule anything without progressives propping them up with their votes. They’d lose every single election (just like they’re starting to already). That’s why they try to fool progressives into the party by making them think it can be reformed. How about stop propping up the neoliberals? How about stop falling for their transparent tricks, promises, and lures?

7. Bernie probably does know what he’s doing, which is why I expect him to leave the Democrats when he’s shown how impervious they are to change. Single-payer healthcare is his current example. What will he do when they shoot that down? What will you and other Dementer people do? Keep tacitly supporting them?

8. Dementer is not a war for the soul of a nation. It’s a meat-grinder that’s existed for 30+ years, churning out those who’ve tried and failed to reform the party, and tempting in `fresh meat’ progressives to waste decades of their lives because they don’t have the benefit of experience. Dementer isn’t anything new. It’s not a noble war either. It’s a pointless bloodbath.

9. You say the Democrats are an “opportunity”. I say they’re dying and dying fast. Millions of progressives have recently left the party and vowed never to come back. You can either keep the Democratic Party on life support, which will only prolong their death and drastically slow the emergence of a truly progressive 3rd party, or you can take them out back like Old Yeller and get a new god damn dog!

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