Power Scraper Review+300 Bonuses

Power Scraper does what no other scraper does! Last Gen scrapers either use Google API or they scrape from Google searches. The problem with the API approach is that you’re limited to only 50 emails. Well, that’s just not going to cut it when you’re doing cold email marketing. You need thousands!

The Google searches approach isn’t much better, either! You’re getting the same old tired leads that everyone else is using. Chances are the recipients host email platform has already banned emails from your autoresponder anyway. So, inboxing is going to be very low.

Not so with Power Scraper! These are fresh emails! In our own tests, our inboxing is through the roof. Makes sense. After all, aren’t the emails you’re putting on social media the ones you actually want to receive information with? Bottom line, with Power Scraper you get better inboxing and higher click throughs!

Launch is this coming August, 10th,2016, so stay tune

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