How We Got Into The Mess We’re In : The Moon Illusion & the Question of Thermonuclear War
Hector Vila

An adendum: This morning, August 5, 2016, the above story about presidential first use of a nuclear weapons, 5 or so days after I published it, it’s finally hitting mainstream media in Debate Over Trump’s Fitness Raises Issue of Checks on Nuclear Power. William J. Broad and David E. Sanger do a very credible job; however, the change in policy, which they say happens with Truman, is historically in correct. It begins with Eisenhower, 1959, as I say in my piece. Though fixed on “checks on nuclear power,” the rest of the story, which is why we’re in this mess, they don’t cover; they do, however, also point to Hillary’s hawkishness… The biggest story in this election cycle is beginning to gather steam.

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