I am not a christian, I believe in making an effort to achieve self awareness/consciousness as the…
Alii Scott

Yes, I totally agree with you. In fact, my students, yesterday, were having this exact same discussion while reading Sinha’s Animal’s People, a text of the course. How do we pave the road with what you’re describing? That’s what it amounted to — as well as how easily we adapt to cruelty and the horrors of the world, seeing them as part of doing business as usual. We discussed how “humans” are commodified by corporations, on one side, and government on the other where we’re “taxes” or “insurance” or … the list is endless, as is the language keeping us from realization. It’s interesting how in a liberal arts institution, of which I’m a part of, somehow the “humanities” appear to be sort of lost, as if the “human” in “humanities” fell off and students and parents — who can blame them at these prices? — are looking for a foothold on the gravy train of materialism. I think that this is all somehow connected and I’m working to try to connect the dots. I thank you for pushing me to think through all of this. Thank you!

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