A simple-to-follow and easy-to-understand training course on Java Persistence with JPA by Example

All Levels, — Video: 5.5 hours Other: 19 mins, 64 lectures

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Course requirements:

Basic understanding of Java
 Prior exposure to SQL can be helpful, but its not a pre-requisite for the course

Course description:

If you’re a Java programmer who wants to learn the fundamentals and some of the advanced topics of Java persistence with Hibernate, then you’re the one this course is designed for.

We’ll be working with Hibernate 4.3.5.Final (and applicable updates for Hibernate 5.0), and using Hibernate as a JPA provider for the most part of this course. You’ll be learning the fundamentals and some of the advanced JPA features for object/relational mapping, querying, caching, performance and concurrency.

Everything important that you’re going to experience when you’re persisting Java objects with Hibernate is covered during the lectures itself, with the help of animations and stepping through the code. It will allow you to focus more on the concept and the events happening at runtime at the very same time when you’re learning a concept, rather than waiting for me go through lengths of coding first before I could show you the same result. And then you practice the same concept with all the source code provided to you after each session that has a lab exercise.

Having said that, I will be first taking you to the level where you feel comfortable enough to start programming with Hibernate. We’ll be starting everything from scratch, do the required installations, set up the development environment and learn how to configure logging, for you to be able to see and understand the events taking place at runtime. We’ll also learn how to step through our code at runtime, for you to be able to see the behind-the-scene story of Java persistence with Hibernate. And only after that I’ll ask you to start coding yourself. So don’t you worry even if you know absolutely nothing about persisting Java objects with Hibernate.

If you’re asking that what does persisting objects really mean? Don’t you worry, we’re going to cover even that. So, all you need to learn, enjoy and have a good experience with this course is the basic understanding of Java. That’s it, I promise.

So, whether you’re a beginner or already have some experience with Hibernate, we’re going to cover all the grounds for you to be a confident and competent Hibernate programmer by the end of this course.

Everything we’re going to learn in this course, we’ll be doing it with examples. And we’ll also be discussing the best practices to keep in mind when you’re working on real world projects.

And if you’re already good at Hibernate and JPA, you’ll probably find this course to be useful for filling the gaps in your Hibernate and JPA knowledge.

Please drop me a message, in case you need me for anything to get the best out of this course for you.

And I might add more lectures to this course to make this course even better for you. So I’ll appreciate your feedback, on how to improve this course for you.

And yes, to get the best out of this course, especially if you’re a beginner, please don’t jump through the lectures and complete the Lab Exercise of the previous lecture, before moving on to the next one.

And all the video lectures/sessions are in 16:9 HD, so please watch them in HD.

Full details
 By the end of this course, you’ll be having a strong foundation on Java persistence with Hibernate
 You’ll learn the fundamentals and some of the advanced JPA features for object/relational mapping, querying, caching and performance
 You’ll learn how to use Hibernat as a JPA provider
 You’ll get a working experience on Hibernate and JPA project
 You’ll get a working experience on Eclipse IDE, MySQL and HeidiSQL
 You’ll be introduced to JBOSS Logging with Log4j
 You’ll be introduced to Apache Commons Lang
 You’ll learn some of the best practices of Hibernate

Full details
 Java students who want to learn Java persistence with Hibernate
 Students who want to learn Java Persistence API (JPA)
 Working professionals on Java/JavaEE
 Java/JavaEE trainers
 Java greenhorns interested in having JPA with Hibernate in their armory

Full details


“Definitions of class objects and relational database model clearly defined .” (Alberto Perri)
“Great work done by instructor. Clear, engaging and to the point.” (Tara Sardana)
“Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what is being explained by the instructor.” (Bhawani Panda)

About Instructor:

Deshraj Singh Kiran

I am a Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) with around 9 years of application development experience (as of April, 2016). I have been developing applications of various complexities using Java-based technologies and frameworks such as Java/JavaEE, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, Spring Security, Portlet, Spring Portlet MVC, Struts, Hibernate, DWR, Lucene, Android, MEAN stack and Hadoop.
 Besides being a trainer at MavenEdge, I am also a working Software Consultant. I’ve also been a corporate trainer on Java technologies and frameworks.
 I’ve worked on Tomcat, Glassfish, Liferay Portal, Jenkins for application development, deployment and release management.
 I’ve worked more on Maven than Ant. And in the world of relational database management systems, I’ve worked mostly on MySQL.
 For test driving my code I’ve used JUnit, EasyMock, Mockito frameworks.
 Besides working on the server-end, I’ve also explored the front-end world of JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone and Require JS.
 I’ve worked on projects on Android and MEAN stack. I’ve also been the Architect for some of the projects I’ve worked on.
 Currently, I am working on Hadoop projects.

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