Learn how to code in JavaScript in 1 hour. This class is set up for complete beginners!

Beginner Level, — Video: 1 hour, 18 lectures

Average rating 4.1/5 (4.1)

Course requirements:

Google Chrome
 An internet connection

Course description:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code but didn’t know where to start? This is a fantastic course to start. Not only is JavaScript easy to learn but it is in demand? If you take this course you will start the fantastic process of learning to code which will lead you to a better life. Coding is one of the most in demand skills if you can code you have a job.
 Learn the basics of JavaScript
 Learn the basics of programming
 Complete Beginners


“this course is good for begineers” (Rahul Tiwari)
“Basic JavaScript work with HTML and css must know before you start.
 Sort and clear!
 Good simple reference!” (Yen Yan)
“Great beginning level course. Clear start for someone brand new to coding.” (Breana Eads)

About Instructor:

John Bura

John Bura is has been a successful Udemy instructor since 2011. John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive. This company produces XBOX 360, iPhone, iPad, android, HTML 5, ad-games and more. Mammoth Interactive recently sold a game to Nickelodeon! John has been contracted by many different companies to provide game design, audio, programming, level design and project management. To this day John has 40 commercial games that he has contributed to. Several of the games he has produced have risen to the top 10 in the Apple’s app store. In his spare time John likes to play ultimate Frisbee, cycle and work out.

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