Use Behavior Driven Development to build feature rich Ruby on Rails web apps using Rails 4.2, Rspec 3 and Capybara

All Levels, — Video: 12.5 hours Other: 16 mins, 103 lectures

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Course requirements:

Students who are currently enrolled in or have completed the “Professional Ruby on Rails Developer” or have equivalent experience and/or understanding in Rails should take this course
 A browser and internet connection
 No prior BDD or testing experience necessary
 Students with a basic understanding of Rails syntax and MVC structure and have ability to understand basic code

Course description:

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) with Ruby on Rails using RSpec and Capybara provides a thorough introduction to using BDD to building web applications using the popular Ruby on Rails framework. Why BDD to build web applications? The advantages are numerous, and Feature specs used extensively in BDD read like plain English which allows end users and developers to easily communicate with each other using BDD tools. In addition, it is easy for the end users to write the features themselves.

This course is designed for students who have some Ruby on Rails or web application development experience who want to take their skills to the next level but have no or limited experience in BDD or automated testing.

Why should students currently enrolled in the Professional Ruby on Rails Developer or already with some Rails experience take this course?

– Behavior Driven Development is the focus of this course!

– RSpec and Capybara experience for automated testing is necessary as a rails developer, covered thoroughly in this course!

– Emulating browser based user behavior to complete a business process from beginning to end, covered thoroughly in this course!

– Big resume booster, knowledge and usage of RSpec and automated testing is very important, most of the Rails community uses this!

– Complete coverage in terms of features, ALL features are built on basis of automated testing specs, not just selective features

– Building two complex and functional web apps including the featured workout web app in 1 course!

Tip: Most rails syntax (not complex) will not be explained, therefore students are expected to know basics like naming conventions and .each method etc. However, all features and BDD steps will be explained.

Some other key aspects of this course are:

– 99 lectures!

– Rails 4.2 using cloud-based IDE

– Working with external javascript libraries for charts and date pickers

– Migrations, one-to-many and many-to-many associations

– much, much more!

Full details
 Build robust web applications using Ruby on Rails complete with test suite
 Use Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to develop code
 See web applications from a user perspective and emulate user behavior on the browser
 Think of the business process goals or functions and then approach building features
 All students currently enrolled in my “Professional Ruby on Rails Developer” course should take this course to expand their web development skillset and learn to build more web apps using Rails
 Programmers who know Ruby on Rails or other web development framework but want to learn Behavior Driven Development and emulate user behavior
 Students who are interested in becoming professionals in the Development world and want to learn how to speak to business units in terms of business requirements
 Students who want to learn using RSpec and Capybara
 Who should NOT take this course: If you are an absolute beginner to web application development and have no experience with Rails or are not currently enrolled for my Rails course should not take this course

Full details


“Estou gostando, ainda não estou convencido, mas estou gostando…” (jean felipe da silva)
“Super excited! Looks like great content!” (Seth Jones)
“Easy to understand, you don’t need to be a native english speaker.” (Alexander von Schleyer)

About Instructor:

Mashrur Hossain

Hi, I’m Mashrur, I have been a technology professional for over a decade and have degrees in Computer Science and Economics
 I have worked with Enterprise Software Systems throughout my career with roles played in analysis, development and management. I lead projects using both agile and waterfall methodologies and am well versed in the inner workings of the software development and delivery world.
 During my career, I’ve realized how much I enjoyed training new hires and new team members and helping them succeed. I’ve dedicated a good amount of time over the last 7 years on-boarding new analysts and developers and working with them to build and maintain systems which puts me in a very unique position of knowing what new entrants to a field or subject need to succeed. I strongly believe in a focus on fundamentals and practice and not in shortcuts or gimmicks.
 I’m very passionate about web application development and I prototype and build web apps in entrepreneurial pursuits. Ruby on Rails has proven to be a very strong force in this field and is especially powerful for startups looking to prototype ideas rapidly and subsequently building on that platform as the ideas catch on.
 So join me for my comprehensive Ruby on Rails Developer courses as I guide you through the world of web application development using Rails and bringing your ideas to life.

I studied mining engineering and information systems. I completed a Diploma in Datametrics at the University of South Africa with a specialization in Information Systems.
 Whilst working in the mines, I developed various mining, rock mechanics and geological applications using languages ranging from Perl, Turbo Pascal to C#, Java and Ruby. In particular, I developed a mining production information management system, as well as a pit crew performance management system, both for Thompson Creek Metals (Endako Mines), and a client management application for Snowden Mining Industry Consultants, using Ruby on Rails. I currently do freelance web development in Ruby on Rails.

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